On vacation with or without digital

“Holidays can be a valve. But for whom? Each of us needs to have a little time. Why don’t we take the opportunity to review the space we offer digitally in our daily lives? It’s not a running question.” Healing without digital technology, Does not mean and vice versa reflects an overvalued figure of these ways It’s a question of thinking about balance at home, at home, as well as in the holidays, “Bruno explains in this first summer column, Devauchelle. Without losing focus:” What will be tested from the beginning of the school year Only traditional fundamentals can reduce inequality. “

Summer, when mixing social habits

For parents, children, adults, teachers and all educators, summer is a break from daily practice. Of these we know how many computers, smartphones and more broadly digital objects and ways have taken a prominent place. As if our society has adopted the cause of digital proof. The first thing we notice is that adults are more or less the users of these methods, free or limited. What we notice is that young people, children develop their behavior, their outlook echoes what they perceive about the world around them. The ubiquitous presence of smartphones in “daily gestures” is obvious enough for us to imagine the impact on their users but also on their loved ones. When, during an outdoor meal, little music signals the arrival of a message or a call, what do you do?

Summer, which is often a particularly convenient moment to share between parents and children (especially the youngest), is also a time to mix up social practices. Among those who try to free themselves from notifications and other ringtones and who will spend more hours in front of their screens, the image of our society is reflected in digital waves. Summer is a special time to take a step back from our daily practice: identify them, analyze them, ask them questions, share them. If some people talk about the concept of “let go”, because they feel the power of this break in the rhythm of life. Yet it should not be forgotten that many families, children of adults will be able to break through this rhythm and sometimes rarely survive in space. Only then can professional comfort lead to more digital use: video games, all kinds of videos, television, and so on.

Thinking together about digital usage

At the center of this period, educational work often takes on a different color from the rest of the year. For parents, finding universality in children is sometimes the cause of difficulty. Children, too, who have partially built their world outside of the family, face the educational form established by parents and adults. Smartphones are certainly at the center of the relative lives of almost the entire population. They will be able to manage not only close relationships, but also distant relationships. What will be decisive for the use of these machines, like all digital objects, is the possibility of options that may or may not be offered. At the height of summer, inter-family education takes on a certain color and can become a source of very different habits from one family to another, from one family to another. How to think and reflect them?

One of the main situations that causes problems for adults during the year is the speed of work. Those who are abused by difficult schedules and those who are under the pressure of a job for which they spend all their time, have limited access to education and are often offered or neglected. Since then, digital options have often been called and educational “panopoly” shared with child care and school space is completed. So the kids are taken to this house, always on duty without bearing. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. Each of us was then given a little time. Why not take the opportunity to review the space we give digitally in our daily lives? It’s not a question of “healing” without digital, it doesn’t make sense and on the contrary returns an overvalued image of these ways. It is above all a question of thinking about balance in the home, at home as well as in the holidays. No, grandparents do not have the right conversation when faced with these questions, sometimes they act in a counter-productive way. With these differences in lifestyle, it is advisable to keep them in the right place in their family so that they do not get into tension with their daily life with their parents. No, it’s parents, everyday educators, including teachers, who are invited to think about how to work digitally.

Education or educational vacation?

If adults are invited to this reflective approach, it can have an impact throughout the year and not just on holidays. A human being, regardless of his age, needs a diverse and attractive environment. If only digital ways are interesting, then we must ask the main questions about life choices and the representations that young people make. Among these diversity, there are human interactions in particular that should be promoted. Here’s a first bet on talking, exchanging, sharing and live: Are we capable of it? Experimentation, observation, in different cases where the whole body is called, is a means of unveiling new horizons. Teach to reflect, to be bored, to rest, to manage personal time through the external pressures of limited time; This means getting used to looking back at yourself and thus working on your personality, especially for young people. Falling active in the holidays will be like the rest of the year, subject to time and social pressures.

Educational institutions are not left out either “Learning Vacation”“Ministry of Education argues:” What is a learning holiday? – Ensure integration of learning and contribute to the personal development of youth through cultural, sports and leisure activities through the following schemes: Open school, open school: Live in rural areas from CP to terminal, My tradition of bikes, Summer professionals: Open school for professional high school , Education camps, success courses. For him it will be, in 2022, without digital, without IT, at least with purpose. In 1985, ministries and leisure companies (Club Made …) offered to start computers during the holidays. Although computer resources have imposed themselves at all levels of daily life, personally and professionally, we can identify in these proposals a way to break even (at least in part, especially for vocational high school). However, in addition to the slogan of the name, this desire to have learning holidays is also to forget that holidays can be learned in any way, even without the school system.

We should rather talk about educational holidays, because there is a lot of need. When political leaders (here E. Bourne, Prime Minister, July 9, 2022) declare: “The French education system knows how to create excellence” but “is undoubtedly one of the ones that reproduces the greatest inequality”, and “they arrange education on holidays, no one thinks Maybe they made a mistake in method and approach. Because if it can attract someone and satisfy some family, the problem is elsewhere. There is nothing to remedy the shortcomings of school society. Of course, it does participate, but inequality cannot be tackled by the school and university system alone. Digital money seems to reveal new forms of deep inequality: cognitive and social inequality. What will be tested, from the beginning of the school year, is the way to get it right. Coming out of the idea that only traditional originality can reduce inequality. We need to reconnect knowledge with society. School to society, but return the ability to transform tomorrow’s society to school …. and in this society, digital technology is now an essential player, the TNE project (Territories Numerics Educatifs) seems to be on the right track, but its “shyness” That we may fear that he is a point in the sea …

Let’s have a great summer first, and don’t break this holiday season in a way that reinforces the flaws of our educational weakness.

Bruno Devouchel

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