Portrait – Antoine Vildeau, RN Deputy: From MMA to Fascism

Antoine Villedieu is Haute-Saône’s 1st Constituency Deputy. It was with 54% of the vote that, after a dangerous, even opportunistic political past, a far-right policeman was persuaded in the Palace Bourbon less than two years after coming to the National Assembly (RN). This is not only acceptable to the far-right party: during the presidential election, Marine Le Pen received 34% of the vote in Hout-Saun in the first round and 57% in the second round. His fourth best national score. Double MMA World Champion, member of a police union responsible for racist attacks and desecration of Jewish graves, support Generation Identitier… Insubordination gives you a portrait of Antoine Vilediu.

In the second round of assembly elections, RN Palace pierced the glass roof of Bourbon. In the emerging crisis the head of state carries an extremely heavy responsibility: for 5 years, the macronist political strategy has been designed to raise the far right. Macron played with the fire, he was burned. Today the president’s party is reaching the far right to rule. If we want to prevent the far right from breaking another glass roof in 2027, the next 5 years will prove decisive.

RN has about 90 deputies today, it’s time to unmask them. The fifth episode of our series with 89 deputies of RN. Portrait of Antoine Vilediu.

And the jacket was on (again)

Antoine Villedieu did not wait to receive his card at RN. In his MMA career (mixed martial arts, wrestling, in which he is a double world champion, Editor’s comment), He was involved with the association. He donated the benefits of this fight to the Association for Sick Children. But in 2020 everything is accelerated. Meanwhile, he became a police officer in St. Denis (93) then in Besancon (25), he was elected municipal councilor of Vesol on the macron-consistent right-wing list of outgoing mayor Alain Kritian. (In the past, on the horizon today). Before resigning six days after the resignation.

Because? A ‘like’ mention under a tweet from Julian Odoul, Regional Councilor RN, now Eun’s deputy, hit home Minister Christoph Kastner at the time. At the foot of the wall, Antoine Villedieu relinquished his seat on the City Council in May 2020 … and took over as head of the Haut-Saônois RN in July 2020! In support of the same Julian O’Dell, he is known for insulting a veiled mother while attending a school in 2019, for making fun of a farmer’s suicide in 2021, and for accusing her of a fictitious job. RN disobedience has already illustrated this to you.

A manager who is not unanimous

This change was felt badly, including by the Haut-Saônoise Federation of RN. Many far-right activists, including his predecessor Antoine Vilediu, an “ambitious” man who came from “somewhere,” took a dim view of taking responsibility. There is more to a politician (in the worst sense of the word) than a militant of conviction (although he was an extreme rightist). While some would have preferred to rein in someone from the federation, Vildeu’s defeat in the 2021 divisional division did not help his case with his troops.

However, the future deputy set out to revive his federation, maintaining it on the ground and on social networks with a dynamic skill, reaching its peak on November 23, 2021 when he went to the St.-Catherine Fair in Vesole, Marine Le Pen, the regional agricultural fair. Impact Pictures of this trip will be used extensively by far-right teams for his national campaign. Thus Antoine Vilediu was driven to the front of the scene.

Below the surface, the vague support of Antoine Vildeu

But under the proper image of a “respected” local leader, at least as much as a man can be characterized by a lack of conviction like his own, Antoine Vildeu and his troops maintain a relationship and receive support for less ambiguity. Between the two legislative rounds, Antoine Vilediu was explicitly backed by Senator LR of Hout-Saun and former Sarcoist Minister Alain Jayandet. “It can’t be any worse than the last five years for Hout-Saun,” he said, adding that there was a predictable ultra-right win in the division at the time. “Republic” at the top right of its form …

But it also raises questions about Antoine Vildeu’s commitment as a police unionist. As the spokesman for the FPIP (split from the Independent Professional Federation of Police, Alliance), a far-right union, the new MP cannot ignore its history.

Member of a police syndicate responsible for racist attacks and desecration of Jewish graves

Several FPIP executives attacked Nice and Paris in 1988, others desecrated Jewish graves in Carpentras in 1990, before the Union National Front came to power in the 1990s. Stopping the killings and other vandalism was anti-Semitic, but kept the same, ultra-authoritarian rhetoric. Admittedly, Antoine Vildeu was not born at the time of the attack, but his membership and his responsibilities within this union raise questions: one can see an attraction for organizations with a violent past there, and not only that.

The RN’s Haute-Sanois federation, adopted by Antoine Vildeu, has multiplied support that could drop warnings. On social networks, we can find “Like” under a Facebook publication on the Federation’s official account, Paul-Arnaut Crossant. The latter is the founder of Front Comtois, an outspoken anti-Semitic, xenophobic, anti-abortion group that dissolved in 2011, or Pierre Feulpin of the Party de la France, split from the former FN, nostalgic for Patten and support. Eric Jemur in 2022.

Support has been shown for Identity Generation

Similarly, in the 2021 divisional elections, Antoine Vildeau Bryce supported and validated Malagoli’s candidacy. Although it is theoretically forbidden by the rules of RN. Why? Because since 2019, Brice Malagoli has been a member of the violent group Génération Identitaire (GI) and from January 2020 to March 2021 (the date of GI extinction), was responsible for the French-less Generation Identitaire. Thus for two years, Malagoli multiplied the comings and goings between GI and RN before joining Reconquest! By Eric Jemur in 2022.

Thus, despite the official position of the Lepinist party, Antoine Vildeu seems to have ignored the ban on links to the GI in support of the identity worker’s candidacy. Even posed with her for social media. Such connections do not bother Antoine Vildeau. During the 2022 presidential campaign, the latter, Matteo Salvini, traveled to Italy to visit the xenophobic and antisocial Northern League.

This is consistent with the right of the young deputy Comtois, where the RN maintains close ties to the most violent groups, and where the de-demonization desired by Marine Le Pen is difficult to conceal his party’s pervasiveness. With these groups. That’s who we have to deal with. In the face of the LREM and RN alliances, the capital-fascist alliance that has been confirmed under our astonished eyes for almost two weeks, it is time for an anti-fascist response.

By Alexis Paird

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