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Create an angel for the planet Earth! This is the goal of the Space Lightning program.

Born in the Netherlands, the project benefited from the European Erasmus + fund for international development in 2020. The consortium, formed by Space Buzz in France, the Netherlands and Hungary in the Netherlands and a Tyrolian school in Italy, operated in 2022, the first pilot program on a European scale. After creating an educational program of 12 activities that could be adapted to different cultures and programs in a large number of countries, the partners recruited schools and more than 600 children in each country to test the project. From January to June 2022, more than 600 students from Echirolles, Pont de Claix, Saint Martin d’Hères, Jarrie and Le Touvet participated in the pilot program of the French Space Consortium project.

Initially, schoolchildren worked in 6 class sessions to better understand the objects of the universe and discover that the earth can be unique. The rest of the program takes students to Nelson Mandela College in Pont de Clex for a unique perspective. Earth: Transported into space with an astronaut to experience a virtual reality, the emotion that astronauts feel when they see Earth from space.

Following the experience of virtual reality, children conduct the last 6 sessions of the program in class. They have observed the Earth’s environment and discovered that they are under threat. After investigation they can understand the matter Climate change is one of the threats to the earth’s environment. The last part of the program is dedicated to counting the environmental footprints of each school and above all to show thatWe can still work to save the world. To complete the experience, some schools have organized actions to share their project experience with other classes or even with district residents. They thus play their new role as angels of the planet Earth!

The CM1 / CM2 class of Katherine dos Santos is organized at Jean Joures School in Ichiroles A green day at school. Photocopying has been banned in those days and bikes have been used in all classes to encourage people to come to school. Some classes collect waste around the school. A real click for anything! Whether it’s the variety of objects found, their quantity (3 full bags in 45 minutes) or the fact that dirty places are covered with waste again after a day, this experience has marked people’s minds and changed their view of the environment. This green day has also made it possible to share the project with families and other classes at school and strengthen the role of children as ambassadors to the world.

Also, the participating class created a song found on YouTube!

Part of the environmental protection wall at Marcel David School in Ichiroles! In a recently renovated playground, children benefit from a garden where there is a common place for beans and compost dedicated for each class. The insect hotel and even a pond help raise students ’awareness about biodiversity.

For the three classes participating in the Space Buzz program, many of the tasks that are already in place for their interest in protecting the environment were highlighted. At the individual level, small simple and complementary gestures are identified: fly less, eat more local fruits and vegetables, buy glass jars, invest in reusable water bottles, reduce car travel … many actions that children will be able to share with their families With and encouraged!

In this pilot year, a series of questionnaires were given to participating teachers and children. These questions will enable an assessment of the program’s impact on the public.

Concerned classes and teachers have given very positive feedback in this case! Many are ready to repeat the experience in the 2022/2023 school year. A waiting list has already been set up!

In 2023, the partnership between La Casemate and La Maison pour la Sciences Alpes-Dauphiné will allow all volunteer teachers to train in the program. The launch of Cosmocité in the year could give a new format to the experience of virtual reality.

A big congratulations to all the children who have become angels of the world!

Audrey Kirkjinska, project manager at La Casemet

The Space Consortium is a Territory of Sciences project funded by the European Union’s Erasmus + program.

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