They provide stuffed animals for children admitted to Guerrero (Cruise) Hospital

His name is Malo. This adorable teddy bear provides support and comfort to children passing through the pediatric department of Guerrero Hospital.

And it is from Monday, thanks to the generosity of Informers du Seure, an association of caring and paramedical professionals, an association of cruisers (caregivers, paramedics, medical-psychological support, etc.) to run charitable activities in hospitals in 2020.

Every little patient can get a soft toy. This will confuse the child, forcing him to think of something else. Also, he will be able to show caregivers through teddy bears where he is in pain.

Jean-Noel James, President of Informers du Core

“Children are not hospitalized for serious pathology in Guerrero. But it is still impressive. Giving them a toy helps build their confidence and ensures that they maintain a positive image of their presence,” added Dr. Celine Hewart, medical manager of the pediatrics department. .

400 stuffed animals have been donated to Guerrero Hospital Center

Attention that reassures kids. And it affects their parents as well. Like Edwards, a 35-year-old mother who came to the hospital with her two-month-old daughter Eleanor, who was suffering from indigestion. “She’s so beautiful,” he said, holding Malo in his arms. “It’s not always pleasant to be in the hospital, and a little attention is welcome.”

The association Les Infirmiers du cœur has donated 400 stuffed animals to Guerrero Hospital Center. These will be distributed to the youngest of about 500 minors a year who join Guerrett’s pediatric service. The bears were purchased for a collection created during a concert organized by the Association in Space Andre-Legion last March.

A Malo bear is offered to the youngest of approximately 500 juveniles who join Guerrett’s pediatric department each year.

Distribute bears every year

But the aggregate created is not his first solidarity action. These professionals visit the hospital from Santa Claus every December during their working hours and buy an electric car so that the children can go to the operating theater without too much fear.

Infirmiers du cœur Don’t forget the elderly: they offered chocolates to the residents of Anna-Quinquad Nursing Home on Christmas Day last year.

The generous initiative by the management of Guéret Hospital Center has been welcomed. “These actions make us smile, what we do makes us love and make going through the hospital or accommodation more enjoyable,” said Fatiha Zidane, director of Guerrero Hospital Center. Infirmiers du cœur wants to offer small malls every year to sick children. Laughter is not supposed to fade.

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Text: François Delotte

Photo: Floris Bressi

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