Rangers meet demand and create cap space at NHL Free Agency

The Rangers met some of their most critical needs on the first day of the NHL Free Agency on Wednesday, signing a long-term contract with a second-line center and increasing the depth of their goal while creating an essential pay cap space with a trade.

One of the most notable names in the free agent market, Center Vincent Trochek, has signed a seven-year, $ 39.375 million contract with the Rangers – which carries a cap of $ 5.625 million. Trochek, who turned 29 earlier this week, is ready to replace Ryan Strom as the Rangers’ No. 2 center behind Mika Gibaneza and play Artemi Panarin.

“It was a hole we wanted to fill,” Rangers chairman and general manager Chris Dury told reporters in a zoom call. “I am just happy to have Vincent on board. He is a very good player, he does a lot.

After selling backup goaltender Alexander Georgiev in Colorado last week, Rangers have signed Slovak goaltender Jaroslav Halak for a one-year deal, a $ 1.55 million deal, and Canadian goaltender Louis Dominguez a bilateral deal. The average annual value for the year is $ 775,000. .

Chris Durry, general manager of the Rangers
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With 17 seasons and 556 games of NHL experience, Halak will likely replace star goaltender Igor Shestarkin. Dominguez, who made history for the Rangers in the first round of the series when he became a penguin after two goaltender injuries, will probably bring depth for AHL Hartford.

“I’ve certainly heard a lot about all of his killer Rangers moments,” says Duri Hulk, who has a 24-9-1.927 save percentage, averaging 2.33 per goal and five shutouts in his career against the Rangers. “Glad to have him by our side in the garden.”

Rangers veteran defender Patrick Nemeth, the 2025 second-round pick and prospective tie conditioner for the Quets for tie Emberson, who played two seasons with K’andre Miller, has created some much-needed cap space by trading. Wisconsin.

For future conditional picks, Arizona has the option of acquiring the Rangers in the third round in 2024 or their second round in 2026. The trade-off freed the Neymar Rangers from a 2.5 million cap in each of the next two seasons, which helped create space. For a two-year contract for limited free agent Capo Kakko. Along with filling many other loopholes, Nemeth was a logical candidate for purchase or trade.

Dury said he would trade rather than buy Nemth back because it has created more cap space. He did not rule out the possibility of signing a deep liar defender, saying he wanted to improve wherever he could. Now without Nemeth, the path to the opening night roster for top prospects like Jack Jones and Matthew Robertson becomes clearer.

Patrick Nemeth on the ice against the Blues
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Rangers are also looking to describe Dury as a “low-wage depth center.” [Kevin] Rooney’s mold in the next few days. ” After two seasons with the Rangers, fourth-seeded Rooney signed a two-year, 1.3 million contract with Flems as a free agent.

As Tyler Motte would like to keep the trade deadline acquisition Rangers, Drury said it was probably too close to re-signing the energetic winger.

So it ended with the old and the new. In addition to losing to Rooney, Greg McKegg is moving to Edmonton on a two-year bilateral deal that includes a 375,000 guarantee.

Three of the Rangers ’four deadline acquisitions have been signed elsewhere. Frank has signed a three-year, $ 3.65 million contract with Bhatrano Ducks and Strom, a former Rangers backup captain, has a five-year contract. Andrew Cope has returned home to play for the Red Wings on a five-year deal with a A 5.625 million AAV. Defender Justin Brown is returning to the Flyers, who in March bought a third-rounder from the Rangers in 2023 on a one-year contract in exchange for an experienced defender.

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