directly Gironde fires: more than 14,100 people evacuated, more than 10,000 hectares damaged


Effects of heat waves around the world

NASA released modeling of temperatures recorded in most of the Eastern Hemisphere on July 13, 2022, showing the effects of heat waves. “In Western Europe, which was already experiencing a severe drought, the heat wave fueled wildfires in parts of Portugal, Spain and France,” notes NASA.


Secretary of State for Ecology on site

The Secretary of State for Ecology Beranger Couillard went as close as possible to the fire in the Gironde this Saturday, “to support those who fight the fire”.


Update at 8 pm

In a press release published this Saturday, the Prefect of Nouvelle-Aquitaine described the immeasurable damage caused by the Gironde fire. Thus, 3,200 hectares of forest burned in Teste-de-Buche in Arcachon district and 7,000 hectares in Landiras in Langon district.


More than 14,100 people have been evacuated

According to the divisional director of SDIS 33, about 14,100 people have been evacuated due to the fire in Gironde.


Why may it take time to return customers evacuated from campsites?

Thousands of campers were forced to flee the area around La Teste-de-Buche on Tuesday due to the threat of fire. And tens of thousands more, whose arrival was scheduled for this weekend, had to revise their plans. Sector professionals, who hope to be able to reopen on Saturday the 23rd, do not yet know how to return. Decryption.


How firefighters organize themselves in the field

Hundreds of firefighters are working day and night to put out the fire in Gironde. A “regular and constant” commitment that parties are now used to making as the effects of global warming increase. Read our article here.


Spots are clearly visible from the spot

“If the intensity of the La Teste fire has decreased, Landiras is still very active,” meteorologist Guillaume Sechet tweeted this afternoon along with an image from the Sentinel-3 satellite over France.


Details of injured firefighters

When asked by BFMTV, Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Mendos, spokesman for SDIS in Gironde, said the slightly injured firefighters were suffering from hyperthermia (heat stroke).


Smoking in the Basque Country

Smoke from the Gironde fire reached the heights of the Pyrenees in the Basque country, the France Meteorological Center Sud-West in Biarritz confirmed, while many hikers reported cloud cover and poor visibility from a certain height.


In Landiras, “the fire started again”, the mayor said

“The fire has started again,” Landiras mayor Jean-Marc Pelletant told BFMTV. “We can see black smoke, which is starting to go over the trees. The fire burns again because it is hot and the water evaporates very quickly,” he explained.


“We have hope in La Teste”

In La Teste, the fire covered “3,700 hectares”. “It’s there but it’s not fixed yet,” said Marc Vermeulen, departmental director of SDIS 33, due to adverse weather conditions.

The situation is “more critical” in Landiras, where 7000 hectares have gone up in smoke. “The fire is not in free evolution, we can try to limit its progress. We are in the defense of sensitive points and an aerial and ground war”, explained Marc Vermeulen, detailing the size of the fire: “9 km wide, 40 km at the level of the contour”.

“We must fix one of the two fires to put all efforts into the same fire. We have hope at La Teste, but we remain cautious,” he added.


13,500 people were evacuated

More than 13,500 people have been evacuated due to the fires in La Teste and Landiras. About 3,000 buildings have been secured, said Marc Vermeulen, departmental director of SDIS 33.


4 firefighters were slightly injured

“We are facing two large-scale fires that broke out within hours. Since Tuesday, 110 fires have broken out in the department. Or 20 to 25 per day,” Marc Vermeulen, divisional director of SDIS 33, said during a press briefing with Secretary of State Beranger Couillard. No victims will be mourned “despite the importance of this fire,” he added, noting that 4 firefighters suffered minor injuries and a truck was burned.


“The State Will Be There”

Beranger Couillard, Secretary of State for Ecology, spoke from Villandrout in the Gironde. “The priority is to fight the fire. And, later, biodiversity will need to be rebuilt. I have high hopes of being able to do this with local foresters,” he declared during a press briefing, assuring that “the state will be there”.


Smoke damaged pond

Falling smoke from the La Teste fire blackened the beaches of Etang de Cajax and Sanguinet, many people took pictures and published on social networks. “There is no proven toxicity” and swimming “is therefore not prohibited”, said the municipality of Biscarosse on Facebook.


An operation to retrieve the pet is interrupted

Around 4 p.m., the operation, guarded by police to allow residents of Cazaux to “retrieve and feed their animals,” had to be interrupted by a “fire jump on the street.” A large black plume rose again into the blue sky, AFP reporters at the scene noted. Other outbreaks of fire have been reported in recent hours in the lagoon and Petit-Nice beach, south of Pilat Dune, according to Teste-de-Buch mayor Patrick Davet and firefighters.


650 firefighters south of Avignon

In the Montaigne massif south of Avignon, 650 firefighters have been mobilized to “monitor and treat hot spots and edges” of the still-stagnant blaze, which covers about 1,500 hectares.


107 fires have started since Tuesday

“It is very important to understand that everyone is expected to be cautious”, recalls BFMTV Arnaud Mendos, from SDIS in the Gironde. The lieutenant-colonel also clarified that firefighters have had to deal with 107 fires since Tuesday, “only in Landiras and La Teste”.


And the temperature in France continues to rise

38 departments of Meteo-France have been placed under heat wave orange alert, compared to 16 until now. 54 categories go into yellow alert. “On Sunday, temperatures continue to rise, especially in the southwest where values ​​often reach close to 40 degrees Celsius.

High temperatures will also extend northwestward. Breton sections will often experience temperatures of 34/35°C or more.

Minimum temperatures, still fairly mild, will be generally higher than in recent days So the cooling of the night will be less”, forecast Meteo France in its latest bulletin.


Meanwhile in Europe

  • Portugal is experiencing a relative calm, with only one major fire active in the north of the country on Saturday. “We plan to control the fire during the day,” said the Civil Protection Commander. According to a report by the Portuguese Civil Protection, last week’s fires killed two people and injured around sixty. They destroyed 12,000 to 15,000 hectares of forest and brush.
  • In Spain, dozens of wildfires are still raging from the country’s north to south. Farther south, in Andalusia, fires near Malaga forced more than 3,000 people to evacuate.
  • In Greece, firefighters continued to battle an outbreak Friday morning, prompting the preventive evacuation of seven villages in a rural area of ​​Rethymno prefecture on the island of Crete.


Crisis Unit at Hostence

In Hostence, a crisis unit has been set up at the village hall. A journalist from the Sud-West indicates that the town hall and the gendarmerie are coordinating to arrange the evacuation.


Red vigilance in Lot-et-Garonne

The neighboring department of Gironde is also on red alert for the risk of forest fires, “from midnight on Sunday July 17 and until further notice”, the prefecture announced.


The La Teste fire is still under control

In the town of Teste-de-Buch, efforts have slowed the fire’s progress. “We are still there, and it is a satisfactory one, 3,150 hectares have burned, but the fire is still not under control”, announced to the press the sub-prefect of Arcachon Ronan Liastic, who welcomed the “great intensity and mobilization”. Firefighters to “keep this perimeter” at night.


A European civil protection system

Emmanuel Macron announced on Friday that several European countries, including Greece and Italy, are currently helping France fight the fires. This support is part of the European Civil Protection System. More details in this article.


A man confesses to setting the guard on fire

A man, originally from the Guard, while in police custody admitted to being the author of two fires in the city of Cernohac, one of which covered 7 hectares on July 8, brought relying on the agency of the AFP press. Nimes Prosecutor’s Office. He will be remanded in custody “due to the serious disturbance of public order and the risk of recurrence”, explained the city prosecutor. On Friday, the man was seen by residents as he just started the fire in Serna. The flames covered 5000 m².

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