Auvejar Valley Espace Jeunes Dron et Belle, August 1, 2022, Art and culture in Brantôme en Périgord.

Art and Culture Lives in the Auvejar Valley 1 – 5 August Espace Jeunes Dron et Belle

As part of the Ministry of National Education’s “Learning Colony” operation.

Dronne and Belle Brantôme Youth Center in Périgord Brantome, Périgord 24310 Dordogne Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The “VIP” or Very Important Pass’Adolescents project is a joint project between the Leisure Center of Brantomoies (3-11 years old) and Espace Jeunes (11-17 years old). This allows a smooth accompaniment of youngsters from one structure to another.
Based on the observation that:
• Some leisure activities were less suitable for the CM2 public
• These young people want to be more independent
• These young people lacked knowledge about the functioning of youth spaces
• These young people needed information about college life
• Some middle school students (6th grade) wanted to spend time with their younger friends and girlfriends to share their experiences.
Specific periods throughout the school year are dedicated to young people in CM1 / CM2 / 6ème, with the help of both structure and shared resources.
It is within this framework that we organize this stay, a real highlight and conclusion of the school year.
Accommodation will be in the town of Chervix-Cubas near the Auvezer Valley, in the Dordogne department of Périgord Noire, New Aquitaine.

We will be staying at “Le Clupeau” campsite, a family campsite by the river and steps away from the city center. It has all the facilities: shaded pitch, electricity, toilet blocks and offers services we can use: table tennis, badminton, petanque, wifi, bar/snack.
We have two 8-person tents and one kitchen tent.
We will distribute youth in these tents and we will also ask youth who do not want to sleep in a group to bring their own tents.
All meals will be designed as a major educational moment, and is an axis of ALSH’s educational project, the theme “Citizenship”. The primary objective is to work on autonomy and reflect on one’s health and food production space. The food will be prepared by the youth, accompanied by a team member. To ensure the food safety of young people, we will implement a common sense approach as directed in the “Guidelines on Good Hygiene Practices for Outdoor Collective Catering at Collective Receptions of Minors”.
The motivations that led us to choose this type of accommodation and catering are mainly based on:
– On the will of the young
– The need for young people to become actors in their spare time
– On willingness to recreate social interactions
– On willingness to support young people towards autonomy.
We will have a kitchen tent equipped with a fridge, worktop and necessary storage space to store food. We will ensure, among other things, to respect these points of regulation:
– Control samples
– Temperature record book
– Traceability of food
– Menu displayed.

A group of 16 youths, from CM1-CM2 to 6th grade, living in Dron and Bele region, a landlocked and aging rural area.
Inter-municipal drones and young people from different municipalities of Bel are welcomed.
This public responded to a survey conducted by the educational team of the two structures. The project was to inspire them, to bring them together to develop them as actors of leisure activities by creating a co-educational position. This population is mainly children from isolated or single-parent families, in a precarious socio-economic situation, disabled or workers who need to manage a health crisis.
We will be careful to form a team where the “boy/girl” mix will work. However, we are aware that girls are underrepresented in teen structures and difficult to integrate.
These target youth are familiar with the youth structure of the region. This allows for a welcoming and reassuring support, which is reassuring for both the young person, the family and the management team.
The group consists of 8 boys and 8 girls.

We offer outdoor physical and sporting activities that can be adapted to people with mild physical disabilities.
In continuation of the reception that we do in normal times, the care team will ensure that there is no discrimination, and will encourage living together, mutual help, cooperation and integration of these young people within the group. The team will be with them in their daily life and when they need it.

Going on a vacation is a way that allows young people to:

 Developing self through life experiences: discovering, moving far from home, meeting and sharing among young people.
 Knowing how to live and live together: accepting others with their differences, adopting a generous attitude (tolerance and respect) towards others through community life but also through different interactions (local population, professionals and environment).
 Gain autonomy and responsibility: building mutual trust to bring them to greater responsibilities, managing various tasks inherent in daily life at the campsite.

Departs Monday August 1, 2022 at 9 a.m., meet at Brantome Premises parking lot. Return on Friday, August 5, 2022 at 6 pm at the same venue. The stay will last for 5 days and 4 nights.
The trip is done by 2 minibuses with 9 seats. Travel time is estimated at 50 minutes. The distance is 50 km.
During the stay, we would prefer to travel on foot, but we still need to use the minibus because of the different activities area.

General Objective: To foster the curiosity necessary for welcoming young people to learn and to involve young people in the organization of living.
EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: Allow young people to discover the biodiversity of the Ouvejar Valley; develop a taste for writing and oral expression in a playful and original way; Discover different traditions
participation in artistic activities; Integrate young people in preparation for living; Develop socialization, responsibility, autonomy and cooperation

Initially, a partnership will be established with families to make them aware of the process of the “Study Leave” procedure. As a result, they will be informed in detail about the project, objectives and program of activities from the first contact.
Then, we will hold an informational meeting prior to the location.
After this meeting, we will be able to target families that need help. For this, individual appointments will be made to assist with accommodation preparation.
We will make ourselves available to purchase or loan items from Trousseau to stay with families.
Contact with family will be maintained during the stay. Managers can be contacted if required.
We recommend that families view the digital travel diary to learn about activities and group life during the stay.
A meeting will be proposed after the location, to catch up and exchange with families and elected officials.

Start and End Date and Time (Year – Month – Day – Hour):