directly The fire in the Gironde: “It will continue, alas, to burn”, warns Darmanin


Bouches-du-Rhône: Calanques Park and all forest areas are closed until July 25

Access to all forest areas in the Bouches-du-Rhône department is prohibited until Monday, July 25, in the face of drought and wildfire risks, the prefecture announced. This measure also concerns the Calanques National Park. More information in our article.


Dreux National Forest is closed to traffic

The National Forestry Office has banned traffic on several massif forest roads in the Centre-Val de Loire while a fire is raging in Cercotes in the Loire. An exceptional case for the Forest of Drax located at the level of Paris and Versailles. More details in our article.


“Our lives have gone up in smoke”

In the Gironde, lodge and bed-and-breakfast owners are worried about the megafire’s effect on tourist numbers, even in places that are still safe from the fire. Some stay until the end to direct firefighters into action. They testify in this article.


Spectacular fire in East London

A hundred firefighters are working this afternoon to battle a blaze that has engulfed the village of Wennington, east of London, under a heatwave that has broken records in the UK. According to footage taken from a Sky News helicopter, the fire spread through thickets of vegetation and destroyed several buildings and houses in the village.


“It will continue, alas, to burn”, warns Darmanin

“What should be remembered is that firefighters put out most fires before they spread. We count the outbreak of at least 25 fires per day”, declared Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin in an interview with Paris. exceptional Since the beginning of the year, the amount of forest burned is 25 times more than last year. We must salute the courage and professionalism of the firefighters who succeeded in saving lives by evacuating 46,000 people. To date, there have been no deaths. Firefighters must continue their fight in Gironde, especially on the ground. It will continue, alas, to burn. »


According to Darmanin, fire in the Gironde may be of human origin

“Nine out of ten fires are of human origin. And there are strong doubts that the fire in the Gironde is of human origin,” explained the Paris interior minister. “Whether the arsonist was voluntary or involuntary, the investigation will tell us. »


The fire is still going on in Ari Hills

Flames and their plumes of smoke are still visible near the town of Loquefret in Finistère, a journalist in West-France reported.


The situation in the Gironde is not yet settled

19,300 hectares burned in the department, recalled the prefect of Gironde, who noted that the evacuation of 2,000 people, including a nursing home with 80 residents, was underway in the town of Saint-Symphorien.


Revising the landscape will help limit fire

“By combining fire risk, creating barriers like firewalls, cropping and forest, changing forest types, some are more flammable than others, a reflex is being set up to rethink landscapes. We need to create natural barriers and create more diverse landscapes. ,” explains Julien Rafault, research fellow at INRA (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment). The researcher, however, recalls that “95% of fires have a human cause”. “There is a lot of work to be done in prevention,” he says.


Darmanin protects the state’s means against fire

“We have the largest European firefighting fleet”, with 21 airplanes and 35 helicopters, assured the interior minister, while firefighters lamented the lack of resources allocated to fighting the blazes ravaging various regions of the country. “Not everything can be a matter of debate, we have increased the budget for civil security by 44%”, he said to thunderous applause in the assembly.


Fire seen by satellite

“Smoke from the Gironde fire can even be seen from space… with this image from the Sentinel 3 satellite”, a satellite of the European Space Agency, relays France’s National Federation of Firefighters.


Smoke in the Dordogne and Haut-Vienne

Several residents of this department of New Aquitaine called the fire service, worried about the smell of smoke coming from the Gironde fire, note local prefects.

Authorities urged vulnerable people to be extremely cautious and not to overload emergency telephone lines unless there is an emergency.


Fire in La Teste is not criminal

In the investigation of the fire at La Teste-de-Buche near Arcachon, the facts “do not present a criminal nature and are part of the context of the unintentional crime”, a van equipped with a dumpster that broke down and caught fire. An expertise will be carried out to know “the mechanical condition of the vehicle and its state of maintenance before the onset of the disaster”, as soon as it is accessible, points out the wooden floor of Bordeaux.


Landiras could not explain the suspicious nature of the fire

“He does not explain himself about the incident for the moment and did not make a spontaneous confession”, explains Bordeaux’s parquet floor of the man who was in police custody on Monday because he is suspected of voluntarily starting the Landiras fire. His custody will be extended on Tuesday. He was suspected of “destroying forests with incendiary substances” in a case that was eventually dismissed in 2014, “for lack of credible evidence”, with the prosecution pointing out that the defendant was a 39-year-old Girondin, who lived near Landiras. .


Record breaking 40 degrees Celsius in UK

Temperatures above 40°C were recorded across the channel for the first time

According to the British Meteorological Institute, the Met Office, it was 40.2 degrees Celsius at London Heathrow Airport at 12:50 local time. The latest British record was on July 25, 2019, with Cambridge (South East) recording 38.7 degrees.


“It’s unbreathable!” : Is the smoke from the fire in Bordeaux dangerous to health?

On Tuesday, the Gironde capital woke up to a strange haze with a strong smell of burning. Many residents of the region are worried about the health effects of the fumes from the twin fires that have broken out in the department. Find our explanation here.


At La Teste, lost animals are collected

Lost pets are welcomed by volunteers at the La Teste de Buch exhibition center.


The smoke of the Girondin rises to the north

Smoke from two large wildfires in the Gironde was felt as far as Indre Loire, local television announced.

In Nantes (Lower-Atlantic), more than 300 kilometers from Bordeaux, residents are also smelling fire, reports West France.


Macron on the Gironde fire front

The President of the Republic should go this Wednesday to the front of the fire in the Gironde to support the firefighters as well as the population affected by the disaster. According to our information, Emmanuel Macron should, during this visit, announce the fight against fire.


Time to borrow land?

According to Landes Prefecture, the fire was 2.5 kilometers from Mano on Tuesday morning and adverse winds are expected in the afternoon. It prohibits “entry into forest areas” in the northern two-thirds of this very forest division. Like Gironde and Landes, neighboring Lot-et-Garonne has been placed on red alert “forest fire”.


“we are in danger”

“Against the firefighters, there are severe weather conditions, including temperatures and extreme drought”, explained France Inter, Eric Brocardi, spokesman for the National Federation of Fire Fighters in France. “Until then, our strategies never wavered, even due to high temperatures or drought, but here we are at a disadvantage”.


“Almost all the animals” at the Arcachon Basin Zoo are “preserved”.

Faced with the intensity of the fires in the Gironde, the authorities proceeded with the emergency evacuation of the Zoo du Bassin d’Arcachon in Teste-de-Buche. “All transportable animals, i.e. 363 animals, were transported by special convoys (…) to a security zone established on the site of the Bordeaux-Pesac zoo, 65 km from the Arcachon Basin Zoo”, a ministry press release noted. Environmental changes “Almost all animals have been saved. A dozen animals unfortunately did not survive the high heat and pressure,” the ministry continued.

Nicholas Tucat/AFP


“The house is burning and some are looking the other way”

The mayor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hermic, used the famous expression of former president Jacques Chirac in an interview with France Bleu Gironde. “The house is burning more and more and some are looking the other way,” he said, adding that three fires continue to ravage the Gironde department. “We react after the fact and we manage crisis after crisis rather than anticipation. In any case, what is certain is that the effects of the extreme events we are going through must open our eyes to a profound transformation”, he continued.

AFP/Philip Lopez


Corrèze under the smoke

Smoke from the fires in the Gironde is spreading… as far as Courage. No fire is expected in the department, the prefecture assures. “The presence of smoke does not pose a major health risk,” he continued, while advising people suffering from “acute respiratory pathologies” to not open the windows of their homes and limit going outside.


“Our backs are against the wall,” insisted the IPCC vice-president.

“The We do the work As scientists are to understand the problems behind these heat waves,” explains BFMTV Valerie Mason-Delmot, Vice-Chairman of the IPCC. “Everyone must be able to appropriate this knowledge, otherwise what is it for? We have our backs against the wall here”, judges the scientist who hopes that the current situation will call for collective action on behalf of the climate.

LP/Olivier Corsan

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