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The Oval Office

While discovering its first iteration, Many visitors were hoping to discover a “the office in space”, as well as Netflix didn’t hesitate to market it. And for good reason, immersing themselves in the mysteries of the American administration, with scientists and soldiers responsible for building an armed force dedicated to the conquest of space, under the command of a lunar general, the project seemed to fit right into the wave of office entertainment that the cult program started by Ricky Gervais. Later developed.

It was to ignore the authentic creative ambitions of Carell, who spent nearly two hundred episodes in the skin of Michael Scott to quickly clone him. On the contrary, we feel how much responsibility one already has as a writer Angie Tribeca where 40 years old, still a virgin Wanted to shorten this recipe, to add a tenderness that we already found in his previous works.

Towards the end and beyond

It was these puffs of cuteness, of tenderness, which made the initial season’s moments of success, its rare moments of grace. This makes it possible to override some advantages and many failures, which suggests that the whole thing was thrown together a little too quickly. And unfortunately, this is partly the feeling that floats with the discovery of new episodes.

We put General Nayrod in a bad position, when he gives up command of his base in the middle of an international crisis with China, along with his wife, who has escaped from prison, to find their descendants. Chaos and sweet madness doomed our hero and his administration to court martialA threat that doesn’t align with everyone’s desires, which the first episode of Season 2 takes care to dispel.

And if this chapter fulfills its mission in a very pleasant way, we note with some surprise how curious it is to start a new batch of episodes with it. Its construction, its tone, its characters’ introductions, and its dramatic arc naturally make it a concluding chapter.

John Malkovich: The Picture, Space Force, Steve Carell

Whispered in the ears of strangers

Rocket patience

We thus get the curious feeling that the series itself doesn’t know what to do with its powers. therefore, Its opening, successful and undoubtedly for warmth whether, partially misses its purpose. Especially because it asks the audience to step back in the battle sequence to find the spots established long ago, all in order to participate in a pleasant spectacle, which evokes a conclusion, but by no means a fanfare launch, capable of encouraging long viewing. . The same applies to the entire political sphere.

We think the project was launched after President Trump set one up Spaceforce, has been derided internationally for its mismanagement and lack of clear objectives. At his description, sometimes bitter, sometimes pitiful, of a high administration steeped in folly, unable to determine its aims and even to defend itself against rude spies, we must have been astonished. How future episodes will address these themes, knowing that political change in North America will not be synonymous with institutional revival, quite the opposite. Alas, we again feel the text a little lost in the portrait, trying to paint it, not knowing which saint to turn to.

Space Force: The Picture, Steve Carell

shoot laughing

And when the heroes have to deal with Washington’s absurd directives, manage the aftermath of a not-so-subtle conflict with China, or set up a surreal response protocol for an astronaut attacked by an extraterrestrial life form, the scenario opts for almost procedural diversion. He doesn’t dig into his plots or sub-plots, refusing to sketch in ones that aren’t fully invested by the narrative.

Even when devices are purveyors of sincere laughter, as when The nerd turns his loved ones’ jokes against himself, All these little worlds are gently spun with gags that are nevertheless well thought out. as if SpaceforcePeople are forced to laugh, frankly sorry for stooping to offer us some uneven gags.

Space Force: Photo, Ben Schwartz

No one in space can hear you sweat

MOL/Air Missile

Finally, where the first season reduced the pill to a delicious second unknown knife with an expected but unexpected headliner alternating with the undeniable charm of a group of performers, the latter seems a little more bittersweet today. Quite simply because the whole treads water, notwithstanding His undeniable capital is sympathy. And it takes goodwill and investment to bring us laughter with countless jokes about social media addiction. And yet, even served by a crudely written role, Ben Schwartz manages to entertain, even touch.

for, however uneven and obscure the whole may be, it has lost nothing of its human form. We shall find evidence of this in every order in which characters meet, as soon as an outside observer brings them together, or forces them to justify themselves as best they can. Two heavyweights of the cast often shine in this area. Carrel of course, but above all John Malkovich, more effective and funnier than the first chapter. Now fully assuming his trapped friendship for his superior general, fresh from the closet and now free of many professional ambitions, he acts like a smiling agitator.

Space Force: Photo, Diana Silver, Tawny Newsom

funny chair

An old man desperately trying to put on a good face in a world he no longer recognizes, His conflict or temporary alliance with a neutral general played by Carell Which allows you to find some gems Spaceforce. When their opposing but surprisingly compatible forces bring their allies to the point of no return, but this small world suddenly finds themselves banding together to save a press conference, a robot killer competition or some other aspect of their existence, Netflix’s creation reaches its end. aim

Rarely, but with a beautiful simplicity, almost obvious, Those nickel-plated feet who dreamed of adventure before being forced to abandon their dreams Tear off a pentagon antenna, make a curious farandole, endearing and depressing enough, to make the Nevada sun unattractive to us.

Space Force season 18 is available in its entirety on Netflix from February 18, 2022

Space Force: The Poster

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