A Canadian Space Force is born

(Ottawa) Canada will soon officially form its military space force. But beware: those who imagine soldiers on a mission in the air battlefield will quickly return to earth: “It’s not as exciting as a science fiction series”, warns the future commander of the force, Brigadier General Michael Adamson.

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Melanie Marquis

Melanie Marquis

Its baptism 3e The Canadian Space Division will be held at National Defense Headquarters in Ottawa on Friday. It was more of an internal reorganization than an innovation – the Directorate of Space became a division of the Royal Canadian Air Force, the third, hence the baptismal name.

“The work doesn’t really change from what we were doing last week to what we’re doing next week. But it’s a recognition that there has been an evolution in the military context and in the space field,” said Brigadier General Adamson, whose ship will consist of about 170 troops, in an interview.

Photo courtesy of Valerie Mailhot, Canadian Armed Forces

Michael Adamson, 3’s future commandere Canadian Space Agency

Nothing comes close to the United States Space Force, whose establishment in 2019 by former President Donald Trump drew its share of ironies – in addition to inspiring a satirical series on Netflix starring Steve Carell. With a budget of more than 17 billion for 2022, it mobilizes about 8,400 troops.

Other countries also have their own space departments: the UK, France, Germany and even Australia.

There is a real awareness of the relevance of relying on spatial units. You have to understand what’s going on in orbit, because obviously there are a lot of players in this field.

Michael Adamson, Brigadier General and future commander of 3e Department of Space

The brigadier general cited as an example a Russian test that went wrong last November.

” [Les Russes] sent an anti-satellite missile and destroyed one of their own satellites that was in orbit at the end of its career. It created hundreds of pieces of debris that significantly endangered the International Space Station. It is thanks to military capabilities that we are able to follow every wreck,” he explained.

The militarization of space?

When the Canadian government indicated it was considering emulating the United States in 2019, the New Democratic Party (NDP) had reservations. ” [Nous sommes] Fundamentally opposed to the militarization of space and [sommes] Certainly it should be used by all humanity for peaceful purposes only,” said elected official Randall Garrison, according to Radio-Canada.

To this, Brigadier General Adamson replied today that “it would be naive to believe that military operations are not already supported by space information”. Place is “engaged, contested and contested [congested, contested, and competitive] And “we need to monitor what’s happening in this environment”.

However, he considers that a nuance is necessary.

There is a difference between weaponization of space and weaponization of space. Canada strongly opposes the second option. We are absolutely not interested in placing weapons in orbit or attacking other countries’ space equipment from space. What matters to us, above all, is preserving the access we have for Canadians.

Michael Adamson, Brigadier General and future commander of 3e Department of Space

Its mission 3e The department will therefore not only support members of the Canadian Armed Forces in their operations, but will also ensure that various services such as telephony and geo-location are maintained and improved.

It will certainly be put to good use in modernizing the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), a massive project in which the government intends to spend 40 billion over two decades.

As Canada’s defense policy released in 2019 points out, one of its objectives is to “acquire space capabilities,” including “sensors capable of detecting and tracking space debris” and “space systems that extend and improve strategic satellite communications.” […] Across the Canadian Arctic.

mixed welcome

The Conservative Party sees the birth of the split as a “long-overdue recognition that Canada must take new and emerging threats seriously and improve our military’s space capabilities,” said MP Kerry-Lynn Findlay.

“We hope the creation of the Canadian Space Division is an indication that the Liberal government finally wants to take seriously the development of closer relations with our allies,” he added in a statement sent to the Left.

Image courtesy of the Canadian Armed Forces

There are 3 members of that creste Canadian Space Agency

In Block Camp, MP Christine Normandin doesn’t see “the material she needs to write to her mother”. On the one hand, because “it doesn’t look like it will come with new funding” and on the other hand, because “it looks more like a major internal restructuring than creating a completely new entity with new hires”.

The NDP did not respond to questions Press.

National Defense Minister Anita Anand’s office did not specify how much the budget would be for the 3.e Canadian Space Agency.

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    Brigadier General Michael Adamson will see the total number of people, military and civilian, in 3e Canadian Space Agency

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