Pyrénées-Orientales – EcoZonia: New place for little furry and feathered inhabitants

In order to observe as closely as possible the 16 species of wild animals that Ecozonia Zoo has collected and preserved over the past year, general manager Cyril Vaccaro has made various arrangements and improvements, including an aquatic complex housing two males. A year and a half from Eurasia, from the National Center for Scientific Culture in Brest, Finisterre.

“Operating from May 19, 2021, the team of “Ecozonia, Terres de Predators” wants to hear
Comments from customers while respecting project and site ethics. This is why we have, between September 2021 and June 2022, new developments that can be divided into 3 themes: zoology, visitor comfort and signage.
” announced Cyril Vaccaro, general manager of the zoo. In the zoological part, the first ecoregion has been significantly expanded with three new aviaries (4 meters high under protective nets). The first (50 m²) accommodates kestrels – “There is only one woman right now” – He mentioned. In the second (45 m²) reigns alone, for the moment, a great gray owl. And finally, a small (25 m²) peregrine falcon peacefully lives its existence as a raptor in captivity.

A peaceful peregrine falcon on its perch.
Michelle Clementz – Michelle Clementz

Number 1 attraction

But undoubtedly the number 1 attraction of this year 2022 is the creation of an aquatic complex covering 500 m² with multiple waterfalls and several natural water basins, shaded corners, a swing beam, which can be observed from the roof of a tower or behind. A huge window. This site, ideally located above the vineyards and Agli plains, was specially designed to house two Eurasian otters, “A Protected Species and Subject to a Conservation Programme” Recalls the CEO of EcoZonia. Two small tenants, with delicate faces and mischievous and curious eyes, had arrived in situ two and a half months ago. They are two brothers, about 2 years old, baptized Dussig and Mautig from the National Center for Scientific Culture Oceanopolis in Brest. “Otters don’t have herd instincts but they come from the same siblings, which makes mating much easier” she explains.

One of two male otters, two 1.5-year-old brothers, are the park's newest tenants.  An aquatic complex has been specially created for them.

One of two male otters, two 1.5-year-old brothers, are the park’s newest tenants. An aquatic complex has been specially created for them.
Michelle Clementz – Michelle Clementz

In terms of “comfort” in public affairs “Building a pergola and putting up tarpaulin in the catering area with points of shade here and there” Cyril Vaccaro continued. Finally, to better inform visitors, a sign explaining the flight patterns of birds of prey has been placed in the shop, promoting the conservation actions carried out by EcoZonia. “And then we thought of a treasure hunt consisting of 5 puzzles, the resolution of which entitles you to a small souvenir gift at the reception, as well as the new animal panel for children aged 3-6.

A dhole (or Asiatic wild dog), in friendly territory.

A dhole (or Asiatic wild dog), in friendly territory.
Michelle Clementz – Michelle Clementz

A few statistics to remember

The mountain animal park was built in the lush greenery in the heart of the Mediterranean forest 260,000 m² whose 11 Hector developed. It is a center for conservation, research and awareness. 16 Different species of wild animals (wolves, wolves, lynx, bear, dhol, raccoon dog, leopard cat, Amur tiger and raptor) – 56% Among them are on the verge of extinction – there coexist 60 animals of Catalan breeds (donkeys, goats, red sheep from Roussillon) that frolic freely in the enclosure of the Catalan mini-farm. Cyril Vaccaro announced the presence of tourists 60,000 The site has been admitted and maintained since opening in May 202170,000 By the end of this year.”

EcoZonia, accessible with normal sports shoes, also offers all-terrain strollers for rent, the site is open from 9:15 am to 6 pm year-round and until 8 pm in high season. Information: 0468897350 or at

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