Why choose a coworking space instead of buying premises?

The company, in its most classic form, imposes a closed structure that does not adapt to the reality of the job market and the development of the company. Coworking spaces in Paris are becoming more democratized and offer a whole new approach to the world of work Is it relevant for your company? What can such changes do for you?

A huge space for discussion and sharing

Coworking allows many companies, whether they work in the same area of ​​expertise or not Share an optimized workspace. Far from being a handicap, this awkwardness often proves to be a powerful springboard for all heroes. Absence of rental agreement Great freedom of action To each company, which can focus on its own development. Along the way, frequent exchanges between professionals in peer spaces stimulate the sharing of experiences and the creation of quality professional links.

No big investment required

A coworking space is not just a place where you can bring your teams together temporarily or long term. You will also get all the necessary tools for this Start or run your activity.

  • office supplies,
  • telephone equipment,
  • arrangement of quiet corners or, conversely, meeting rooms,
  • Energy and water supply whose costs are shared and therefore greatly reduced for each company,
  • Stable and unlimited WiFi connection.

These are all small costs that when added together represent a heavy burden for a business in the creation or development process. Coworking spaces really allow you to Focus on the future of your project as well as its launch.

Fellow Paris, a decisive choice for self-employed entrepreneurs

There are many benefits for freelancers to launch your business through coworking spaces in Paris:

  • you have Business addressTo receive your customers and potential partners,
  • A Head officeWithout your home address, gives your business credibility,
  • Coworking space is a great help Separate your family life from your professional life.

An offer that meets your needs

The outlook on the world of work has changed drastically over the years. The majority of companies have adapted their methods so that they evolve, with the goalImprove working conditions, optimize output and reduce overall costs. Occupying a coworking space in Paris is a flexible option. You can consider this solution for a week, a month, or a maximum period of activity before returning to teleworking. It is a question of proposing a solution adapted to all professionals. The youngest companies benefit from this as they no longer need to invest in long-term leases or furniture.

Fellow Paris: Boost your creativity

If we carefully observe the organization of a co-working space in Paris, it is undeniable that this new work model Stimulates creativity. Teams cross paths, mix their ideas, take in the experiences of other professionals and strengthen their exchanges. It is not uncommon to see mergers occur in this way, innovation projects take shape quickly and strong links are created between companies. Coworking spaces create a new dynamic.

Coworking space, your best argument for attracting talent

The success of your business also depends on it The quality of relationships with and among your team. Today, young talent does not look only for an address or the prestige of a brand, but The comfort of their environment, the modernity of working methods, as well as the possibility of evolution. All this, providing coworking space. It increases your chances of surrounding yourself with the best people, while wanting to be with them.

What kind of coworking spaces are there in Paris?

Just as there are many companies and therefore specific needs, Several major categories of coworking spaces have emerged over the past decade. To define what suits you best, you will therefore have a choice between:

  • business center, where you will meet most of the senior executives. These premises are usually located in the city centre,
  • telecenter, Frequented by profiles of permanent telework entrepreneurs. The latter are mainly salaried. These places are more remote,
  • Digital Production Workshopor more commonly known as “spaces of innovation”: these spaces focus entirely on production,
  • Urban workplaceTargeted by start-ups.

As manager of coworking spaces, Deskopolitan explains: “Today, entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for spaces that allow them to balance their professional and personal lives. Kindergartens and integrated sports venues are examples. »

Co-working space has become essential in the Paris region. Depending on the profile of employees and their objectives, coworking spaces are diversified to provide comfort, quality of work and social life to often isolated entrepreneurs.

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