In Bondi, the only solidarity co-working space no longer has premises and is launching an appeal

Seeking a resettlement solution after the final closure on July 31, 2022, users of Mon Premier Bureau in Bondi have sent XXL invitations to five political figures to challenge them. (©My First Office)

From July 31, 2022, fifteen or more people benefiting from the only solidarity coworking space in Ile-de-France must return to work at home, in a media library or in a café. It is established Bondi (Saint-Saint-Denis)Mon Premier Bureau Association shared offices were set up in September 2021 in an apartment lent by social landlord I3F and pledged destruction. Despite success, rehabilitation is without solutionsOffer for one euro per day, Its users try to rally political figures to their cause.

One tour is planned, another is under discussion

As expected, the completion of the occupation of the 54 m² apartment is no less problematic for the beneficiaries of the solidarity space and its manager Benoît Delol. On July 13, 2022, in desperation, they tried to get five political figures together by offering to meet them, before definitively returning the keys to the premises.

Stephen Troussel, President of the Departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis, Jack WitkowskiPrefect of Seine-Saint-Denis, Marlene Shippa Secretary of State for Social and Solidarity Economy, Bruno Le Maire, Economy Minister and Valerie Pecresse, The Presidents of the Ile-de-France Regional Council each received an XXL-sized invitation card.

The prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis is one of five political figures who have received huge invitations from fellow Bondi space users to meet them.
The prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis is one of five political figures who have received huge invitations from fellow Bondi space users to meet them. (©My First Office)

For the moment, only one Councilor of the County Council On Monday July 25, 2022, Bondi agreed to move into the colleague’s place. Secretary of State”, notes Benoit Dell. “A close associate of the prefect also approached us for a Possible inspection Next week,” he added. Bruno Le Maire and Valérie Pécresse, for their part, were still no answer July 20, 2022, eleven days prior to final closing.

I am disappointed for all the entrepreneurs we welcome and who cannot rent premises for their activity, or pay 500 euros per month for a post in a Parisian coworking space. For them, the closing of My First Office means going back to work in their bed or at a fast food restaurant.

Benoit DellCreator of the Mon Premier Bureau Association, Bondi is a coworking space manager

Accessible to the general public 24 hours a day, seven days a weekOne euro per day, the shared offices of the Mon Premier Bureau Association quickly caught on with their public. “People of all ages, as many women as men, some entrepreneurs, others returning to school… Saint-Saint-Denis is represented among our users,” says Benoit Delle.

Five rolling stations and a craft workshop were made available for about 15 users.
The premises, to be occupied from September 2021, have five rotating workstations and a craft workshop available for around 15 users. (©My First Office)

To be able to offer such a low price, this solidarity peer model requires no rent, and so is the goal empty space Made available for free. “Our users’ contributions make it possible to cover Filler“, specifies Benoit Delol. In the opinion of the creator of the association, the Municipality De Bondi will take issue. Despite the visit, in early June, of Two elected municipal officials As for the city’s economic development, “we have no reaction”, he said.

An initiative “supported by the municipality”

For its part, the City of Bondi assures that “Efficiency Services has contacted her, The dialogue continues. This is an honest initiative, which we support. We insisted with the original lessee that the present premises be occupied prolongedWhich was fruitful since the initial agreement stipulated that he would be released several months earlier”.

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At the moment, the Solidarity Shared Office offer by Son Premier Bureau in Bondi does not exist Nowhere else in Ile-de-France. “The demand and the need are there, but the peer offering has moved upmarket and concentrated in cities Economically attractive, at ever-increasing prices,” laments Benoit Dell, who wants to see the model evolve In the meantime, he continues to keep an eye out for vacant offices or housing, in the hope that he will once again be able to offer his users a place to work.

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