The fire is not growing anymore, what about Landiras and La Teste?

GIRONDE FIRES More than a week after the fires broke out in the Gironde, the progress of the fires in both Landiras and La Teste-de-Buch has been brought under control. But authorities still want to be cautious.


  • The Gironde fires continue to rage across the department but are not making further progress, the prefecture announced. This Thursday, July 21, 2022, about 21,000 hectares were burned in Landyras and La Teste-de-Buche.
  • 2000 firefighters are still gathering to try to put out the blaze which has caused no casualties since the start of the two fires. However, about 37,000 people have not yet returned to their homes.
  • As for the investigation into the origin of this fire, they continue to advance: while the accidental thesis is confirmed in La Teste, a man in police custody has been released but the criminal track in Landiras is still relevant.
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08:09 – Firefighters remain vigilant in the face of possible resurgence of the fire

If the situation is undeniably improved, the firefighters do not want to rejoice too soon and are showing extreme caution. “However, we still do not consider the fires as fixed because we believe that they may still start again in favor of worsening weather conditions”, explains Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Mendos of Sdis 33. BFM-TV.

07:57 – “Strongly limited fire progress”

In its press release, the prefecture of Gironde is “pleased with a strongly limited progress of the fires in the last 24 hours. For the second day in a row, the two fires did not create any more flame fronts and did not progress”, highlighting the work done by 2000 firefighters, 6 Canadair and 2 Dash, Adding that the implementation of the firewall was effective.

07:54 – 500 hectares of forest burnt in 24 hours

According to the latest report from the Gironde prefecture, published at 10 o’clock Wednesday evening, 20,800 hectares of forest have burned between two fires in Landiras and La Teste. A very limited progress since in a press release published 24 hours ago, 20,300 hectares have already burned. So the fire grew very little during the day on Wednesday.

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The fires in Landiras and La Teste-de-Buch, in the Gironde, broke out at around 3pm on Tuesday 12 July and within an hour of each other. In La Teste-de-Buche, the fire was accidental, the town’s mayor, Patrick Davet, said on the microphone. France in the Blue Gironde, Saturday July 16, 2022. A hypothesis is confirmed by several converging clues. According to some accounts the breakdown of a thermal vehicle, such as a van, is the cause of the fire. The vehicle was parked on the low side of runway 214 at the edge of a pine forest, allowing the fire to spread within minutes. News from police sources south west, the driver is a campsite employee who was on his way to the recycling center when he collapsed. Seeing the flames, the driver immediately called emergency services, but did not have time to use the extinguisher. On July 18 Bordeaux public prosecutor Frédéric Portery noted that an investigation was underway for “unintentional destruction of wood, forest fire due to breach of safety obligations”. The prosecution added that, for now, the damaged car is not accessible, but as soon as conditions allow it, it will be kept under seal and examined to “establish the causes of the fire”.

In Landiras, fire can be of criminal origin. The Bordeaux prosecutor said that “criminal detection technicians were able to make findings that recognize malicious acts”. The investigation of destruction by wood fires, forests that could have caused human casualties was entrusted to the Langone Research Brigade which questioned itself on possible links between the fires mentioned on the same day and other fire outbreaks. A track that does not confirm any material for the moment, but according to the prosecution, “clues remain to be exploited to exclude or retain the thesis of the same author”. A man was taken into custody for questioning on Monday, July 18. He is suspected to have caused some of the fires, but not the original fire, according to France in the Blue Gironde. He was eventually released and discharged on Wednesday 20 July.

Landiras, a commune in south-Gironde, is the largest of the two fires that broke out in the department on July 12, 2022. On Wednesday 20 July, more than 13,800 hectares burned in and around Landiras. Langon according to the prefecture of Gironde. The forest fire is more than 15 kilometers long and spread across a wide perimeter. However, its progress was slowed significantly by firefighters on Wednesday. Falling temperatures, falling winds and rising humidity made conditions more favorable for firefighters, but still made it impossible to fix the fire. Firebreaks have helped slow the fire and continue to strengthen in the face of this fire on several fronts that do not have a head, but are advancing in several places. However, the fire is not yet contained and recovery risks are “significant”, especially in “multiple hot spots within the fire zone”.

According to the communications officer of Sdis 33, the Landiras fire has spread over about thirteen municipalities and more than 14,000 people have been evacuated by resistance since July 12. More than 8,000 people had to leave their homes on the day of 18 July. Other evacuations may occur depending on the progress of the fire. According to Bruno Lafon, president of the Defense of Forests Against Fires (DFCI), despite the power of the fires which are sometimes “more than 100 meters high” France in the Blue Gironde And the extent of the fire, there were no casualties near Landiras and only half a dozen houses burned.

In La Teste-de-Buche, the fire had not progressed on Wednesday, July 20, but 7,000 hectares had already burned near the Arcachon basin. In recent days, the fire has spread south of Dune du Pilat and reached the sea, burning in particular patches of forest at the edge of Petit Nice and La Lagoon beaches. The fire’s progress has been contained, but winds, even weakened, blowing southward, are still likely to push the fire toward the Landes division. In terms of damage, there were no casualties and five campsites in the town of Paila-sur-Mer were 90% destroyed.

The fires in the Gironde and where are they spreading? First, the first fires occurred in the west of the department in the town of La Teste-de-Buch, near Arcachon, on the Dune du Pilat and the Atlantic Ocean. The fire is moving south, towards the towns of Landes and Biscarosse. Further east, a second fire broke out in Landyras, 45 km south of Bordeaux.

The fire is so intense and the smoke has reached such a level that it is possible to observe the event from the sky and space. The European Copernicus Satellite Imagery Program has captured impressive images, where you can see very well the progress of the plume in the western part of the region.

Here are fire maps from special sites on forest fires in France, which allow you to see the progress of claims in the Gironde, but also in the Landes and other regions of France. This is a map that lists fires reported by a community of Internet users in real time

At this stage, the two fires that occurred in Landirras and La Teste-de-Buch (Gironde) did not cause any casualties. No one has been injured or killed so far. Only the trees were burnt. These forest fires displaced 36,750 people in the department, including more than 16,000 on 18 July.

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