Grossover Metal Space, a dive into the history of iron with Jamie Gourmaud

Fun, playful, interactive. The words are not automatically associated with the idea of ​​diving into the world of metallurgy. However, this is what guides a visit to Espace Metal in Grossouvre, which for thirteen years has been offering an amazing journey back to the time of the Forges and the 19th century industrial revolution that turned the Val d’Aubois upside down.

Discover iron in all its forms at the Espace Métal de Grossouvre

Two virtual guides for wandering around this former coal hall, built between 1841 and 1844 – and which alone is worth a detour: Berry is Grand Master of the old forges of Georges DufwoodAnd the legendary host of the show It’s not rocket sciencefrom Jamie’s World And many programs whose DNA combines meaning and joy, Jamie Gormaud. Statues of millennials with round glasses, their parents and grandparents feed the scene itself. Built between two men, at the level of inspection, experiences, models, films, photographs of time, an unusual dialogue between past and present.

Photo by Christophe Mason

Natural elements necessary for the development of metallurgical activity (water, iron ore, wood), large Iron and cast iron construction 19th century (railways, bridges, metal structures), Daily life of workersWelsh inspiration, the consequences of this industry on the natural environment (especially deforestation), the operation of a blast furnace and the chemical reactions that take place there which Jamie explains: the transformation of iron ore into cast iron is explored in all its aspects, 360 °

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And continuing to the top floor (which offers a breathtaking view of the structure of this extraordinary place) is another conversion, steel cast iron. There, too, the past, with reproductions of a Bessemer furnace, which made it possible to transform molten cast iron into steel, and a Martian furnace rub shoulders with the present, proudly. Contemporary techniques and at Metals are recyclableThe subject of the cinema projection film, which shows the transformation of an old car into a work of art.

From this site, classified as a historical monument in 1999, the glorious history of Cher part takes shape. A world story, too. That Espace Métal promises to explore in a fun and educational way.

Photo by Christophe Mason

This promise of joyful discovery is also a Exploration and adventure game on tablet (“Berry Explore’Games”) is deployed by SPL Les 1000 lieux du Berry, which operates the Site. An offer that allows you to explore the highlights of the city of Grosvoor with your family, from the Les Galeries staff housing building to the church, past the old train station.

Immersion in the era of the first industrial revolution, the discovery of the village of Grossouvre shaped by the iron industry: delving into the history of the place is added to a series of assignments in these two ways, knowledge – TO DO. Temporary exhibition, first. Borrowed from the golden city of Saint-Amand-Montrond, “Sky?! My jewel” Found in 19th-century tools and objects, in one film and two exhibits, the enamel and wire jewelry of Florence Closet.

Another highlight of the summer: a Demonstration of creating a duplicate part Sunday August 21 by Antonin Dacreux, Ironworker and Art Cutler. Way to show we’re not just space metal in the past. But in the contemporary world both legs. Jamie’s, the artisans, who will look at this decoration.

Valerie Mazarol

Upcoming Appointments

Photo by Christophe Mason

display. Antonin Dacreux, Iron Worker and Art Cutler. Step by step, the progress of making a forged part. Sunday 21 August. 10 am to 12:30 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm Price: €7 (adult) / €5 (6 to 16 years old). Includes site visits.

Jewelery making workshop. Wednesday 26 October. Sessions are at 2pm and 4pm. Duration 1 hour. Price: €11 / €9.50 6 to 16 years old / Guide €6. Equipment is included in the price.

Foundry workshop. Sunday 23 October and Wednesday 2 November. Sessions are at 2pm and 4pm. Duration 1 hour. From 4 to 10 people. Single price: €8.

Flower making workshop. Tips and tricks from Catherine Joaux-Corselli. Sunday 9 October. Sessions at 10 am and 2 pm. Duration 1 hour. From the age of 6. From 4 to 25 people. Price: €30 / €18 6 to 16 years old / €27 adult + child package. Equipment supplied at cost.

Aperitif-conference. Modern Times and the Transformation of Vision – Photography, Cinema, Art, Technology and Society (1839 – 1914). By Michele Segara. Saturday 8 October at 5.30pm Single price: €7.

European Heritage Day. Talents at the fair: iron workers, cutters, potters, leather workers, sculptors, enamellers… Sunday 18 September. Onsite dining available from 10am to 5pm. Price: €5 / €4 6 to 16 years old.

Halloween special. Animation “A Diabolical Memory”. Finding formulas for the whole family. Between October 22 and November 6, 2022. Thursday to Sunday 10am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 5pm Sportsbook: €2.

to practice. Space Metal / Halle de Grosover. 2 Vereaux Street. Phone: Website:

Photo by Christophe Mason

Opening hours are from April 9, 2022 to November 6, 2022. Open Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 5pm (until 6pm in July and August). Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Price: 6 € (full price) / 5 € (reduced price) / 4 € (children aged 6 to 16) / free for children under 6. €4.50 for the presentation of a partner site (Apremont-sur-Allier Floral Park and Sagonne Castle, Rout Jacques-Coeur, Privilege Pass for Crédit Agricole members). Industrial Heritage Pass (ticket valid in season combined with CIAP La Tuileries): €7.50. Family rate (two adults, two children aged 6 to 16): €16, €4 per additional child. Exhibition on 21 August: €7 (adults) / €5 (6 to 16 years old) – site visit included.

Berry Explore’Game: From age 10. €15 per tablet. 1 to 4 players

Photo by Christophe Mason

Built between 1841 and 1844, the Coal Hall in Groszow was classified as a historical monument in 1999. Initially used to store charcoal from blast furnaces and then from tile works, it was particularly inspired by early 19th-century Welsh halls. . The Cher divisional council has rehabilitated it as a site dedicated to discovering the history of iron. Espace Métal was inaugurated in 2009. It is now one of the sites managed by the local public company Les 1000 Lieux du Berry, such as the Pôle du Cheval and the Ass in Lignières, the Pôle des Etoiles in Nancay, the Leisure Village of Goule in Besais-le-Fromental and Lake Sideailles.

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