5 Small Budget and Practical Ideas to Transform Your Space!

Tired of designing your kitchen? Want to upgrade to something trendy? We are here to help you! This year, the Provencal kitchen 2022 trend is on the rise and we see it everywhere in interior design magazines. The decor is simple, yet sophisticated, old-fashioned, yet modern. Do you want to be inspired by our ideas and turn your space into an interior designer’s dream? Do you have a tight budget, but still want to make meaningful and wonderful changes to your home? The DeaVita team is here again to guide you and give you practical advice. So, stop chatting and get straight to the point!

Provencal kitchen layout: practical and stylish ideas

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? Do you prefer pastel colors or do you prefer a bold style? The provincial kitchen is so versatile, you can change it however you see fit to reflect your personality and interests! The kitchen is one of the places where we spend most of our time. Just like in The Sims game, we are influenced by our environment, which can improve or reduce our mood. Of course, most of you are probably on the convenient site and thinking, “Well, if it’s comfortable enough, why do I need it?” ” This is where we come in. This design is not only absolutely fabulous, it is very practical. Follow the steps and create the kitchen of your dreams while respecting your budget!

Kitchen color trends 2022

White and blue provencal kitchen

It’s summer and we all dream of deep blue seas and white clouds. If you live far from the coast, why not bring it home? We know that paint can be a bit pricey, especially if you need it in large quantities. For a more subtle and easy change we recommend taking a paint sample and painting your door frame with it. Have you painted the walls? Paint the door frame dark blue or vice versa. Or, visit a discount store or search the Internet for groups where people buy and sell their stuff You might get lucky and find an inexpensive paint that will hold up nicely on your walls or countertops!

Farmhouse sink – a must

White kitchen trends 2022

Here, we move further away from low budget. The farmhouse sink is a super trendy and practical kitchen necessity. Why? It is durable, functional and very elegant. There are many materials you can choose from. Generally, people go for more expensive materials like marble and quartz. However, you can find cheaper ones that can still be just as large and comfortable.

Wall shelves – practical and trendy

Trendy decoration 2022

Don’t want to buy new furniture, but are you tired of your old ones? They look ugly and old and you want to decorate your kitchen in the funniest possible way? Why not try wall shelves? They are extremely cheap, and you can even make them yourself. They leave room for more personalized decor and your kitchen will look brand new with this one change too.

Provencal wood kitchen

Luxurious Provencal cuisine

Wood, durable and timeless, is an essential ingredient in provincial kitchens. Whether you make your worktops wooden or all wood, we’re behind this great idea! Still, quality woods like pine, oak, and maple can be quite expensive. If you want the effect of wood without spending so much money, we recommend you look at laminate worktops.

Wall kitchen tiles

Provencal kitchen tiles pictures

Do you want a new kitchen splashback? It doesn’t have to be stone, you can find stickers on the internet that are a great copy of the real thing!

Photo gallery: Provencal kitchen ideas

Trendy Deco Ideas 2022


How to modernize a Provencal kitchen? Mix art styles!

Modernize a Provencal kitchen

Trendy kitchen with central island: practical and beautiful!

Trendy fitted kitchens 2022

Green is one of the trendy decorative colors this year.

New kitchen trends 2022

Wood and pastel colors go perfectly together.

Home Decorating Trends 2022

We can’t get enough of the kitchen trend with a center island!

Provencal kitchen with central island

Laminated worktops that mimic marble or quartz… why not?

Kitchen color trends 2022

The hallway kitchen is super cozy!

Pinterest Kitchen Trends 2022

Brick walls never go out of style.

Kitchen trends 2022

Modern kitchen trends 2022: Incorporate rustic style.

Trendy deco style 2022

Provençal kitchen trends 2022: white is a must.

White Provencal kitchen

How to arrange a small kitchen?

Kitchen Decor Trends 2022

Opt for good, light colors and wood.

New Deco Trend 2022

The DeaVita team wishes you a great day!

Wooden apartment decor trends

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