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Frank Gilletti (Assembly National) has been appointed rapporteur for the air force and space budget.

I think that your constituents would doubtless prefer that the Legislature instead assign to you the duties of reporter on the Navy budget. Our department is the most militarized in the country after the Ile de France region. Between Cuers and Six-Fours-les-Plages, we find about 190 army formations, as well as all the departments of the Ministry and the decentralized services. Navy and Army occupy a dominant position in our weight category compared to Air Force and Aerospace, almost non-existent in the Southeast. The military port of Toulon is the nerve center of France and Europe’s largest defense base along the entire Mediterranean coast. It is a “city within a city” that spans several municipalities. It is the largest industrial area of ​​Var with 12 basins, 12 km road lines. It operates and maintains nuclear boiler rooms with strict safety requirements and zero impact on public health and the environment. This is an imperative of transparency with 1700 marine, atmospheric and land samples and 6000 analyzes per year by LASEM, an accredited laboratory, all results of which are permanently published on the Internet. These are port infrastructure, training schools, sports facilities, medical centers, headquarters, firemen’s barracks, marine, maritime police, logistics units, support workshops, maintenance, upkeep and repair, ammunition and fuel storage and delivery sites, catering and administration centers, Clothing distribution workshops, means of transport, thousands of telephone sets and computers, social action centers, crèches, green spaces, constant global surveillance. It is the largest social and economic integrator of Bharat and the leading employer of the sector. It is the largest number of suppliers with a large economic and financial impact on the particular regional industrial fabric. It’s all activities focused on a single objective: ensuring the fleet is trained, qualified, operational, ready to undertake all its missions. In 2015, the Navy was the largest landowner in the city of Toulon with over 7% of its area. The large military port of Toulon is controlled, operated and managed from all levels of management. All its activities are coordinated to focus primarily on the organic and operational needs of all Navy buildings. Finally it is an old wedding, a historical wedding, a present wedding and a future wedding with Tulan city. Admittedly, it has been modernized to accommodate new and future Navy buildings.
I know that the idea of ​​giving the Navy a second aircraft carrier did not appear in Marine Le Pen’s presidential project. But it is worth asking the question of the relevance of this need as the need for security and defense is increasing everywhere and war has returned to our continent. When Charles de Gaulle was unavailable for obvious reasons of maintenance and industrial maintenance, France was once again extremely weak. Our country is one of the few countries in the world that has completely mastered the projection and implementation of military and air power towards sea and land. An aircraft carrier is a political, diplomatic and military power projection tool. It remains a decisive vessel in conducting operations and achieving desired political-military influence. He is able to defend an area, exercise a fear and terror threat and strike deep in theaters of operations. It can play a major role in all strategic functions. It is the ultimate tool of sea supremacy and air superiority. It can conduct crisis prevention and management missions. It is a privileged tool for the “political” use of maritime power. It can attack land targets or naval forces at sea with the Rafale Marine, which is considered one of the world’s best fighter jets. It has capabilities that allow it to guarantee full air control of the theater of operations, support ground operations and, if necessary, complete nuclear deterrence missions. Its implementation enables many efficiencies. We find a concentration of very high tech and almost all Navy professions, including “sky sailors” for the operational use of our aircraft at these mobile air bases. It has capabilities that allow it to guarantee full air control of the theater of operations, support ground operations and, if necessary, complete nuclear deterrence missions. It is mobile and can cover a distance of over 1000 km in 24 hour increments. It is particularly useful militarily. It has a very large autonomy for nuclear propulsion. It has large storage capacity, aeronautical maintenance workshop and a field hospital.
From Toulon, the Navy can establish a continuous knowledge of military activity in a wide maritime area, from the Straits of Gibraltar to the borders of Ukraine and Russia, via Suez, to know, observe, predict, enforce, facilitate decision-making international shipping laws. – Creating and then intervening, but also preventing, reducing and countering threats and illegal activities or crimes that affect or effectively affect human life, our strategic maritime resources, our interests, our supplies, the environment, … and our security . In fact, the military and operational capabilities of this vast maritime region are located in Tulane. And this is also a daily synthesis from Toulon, and daily general photographs of this situation are given in Paris. It is also thanks to this autonomous military system that the Chief of Defense Staff and the Head of State have a completely independent source of information.
For this reason it would have been much more attractive to have a deputy like you as rapporteur for the Navy budget. For a complete, efficient, available, responsive, offshore, powerful, versatile, respectable, feared and fearsome Navy, one must be able to defend its interests in the National Assembly.

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