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Weather Passage of Ille-et-Vilaine department in heat wave orange warning: protect yourself

Updated on 07/19/2022

Meteo-France has put the Ile-et-Villaine department on heatwave orange alert for high heat events starting tomorrow at noon. State services and all stakeholders of Ile-et-Villaine have fully mobilized to ensure the safety of the population during this significant event.

The heat wave will intensify in the next few days and many records will be broken. Thus, tomorrow, the temperature in the department may reach 35 degrees Celsius and on Monday it may exceed 39 degrees Celsius, between 19 and 21 degrees Celsius at night.

High heat can affect everyone’s health very quickly, especially fragile people. State services have been fully activated to monitor the evolution of the situation, raise public awareness and ensure the protection of the most vulnerable people, such as people over 65, children under 4, disabled people, sick people at home, isolated people, people. In precarious situations and homeless, migrant workers…

The passage of Ille-et-Vilaine into heat wave orange alert implies additional measures of actions already carried out within the framework of heat wave health management.

According to the departmental plan to manage the heat wave, the Prefect of Ile-et-Villaine has informed all the mayors of the department and requested the activation of the municipal protection plans, especially to give their residents cool places.

Municipalities contact vulnerable people (elderly, isolated or disabled) in their area, to ensure that they are well and lack nothing, or to remedy them as soon as possible if not. They invite vulnerable people to declare themselves.

The prefect alerted emergency and rescue services.

ARS maintains permanent direct contact with medico-social health institutions, especially nursing homes.
Hospital data monitoring is robust and continuous.

The prevention message is sent to all relays. Schools, educational institutions, early childhood facilities, emergency housing facilities, employers, etc. are reminded of recommendations and measures taken according to premises, activities and the public to protect themselves from heat.

Integrated reception and orientation services (emergency number 115) are on alert

The operation of emergency accommodation structures is adapted to exceptional situations:

  • Extension of night reception and daytime reception hours
  • Suspending “rotation” operations of emergency accommodation (structures such as hotels) to keep people out
  • Increase hotel shelters by state for most vulnerable families

Patrolling by civil defense agencies has been stepped up in major cities They become daily, with extended hours, to meet the needs of homeless people, especially by providing them with water bottles.

Organizers of sporting events are strongly encouraged to postpone or cancel events planned for the next few days.

Useful tips and reminders of good practices to protect yourself in case of high heat

  • Keep your home cool (close windows and shutters during the day, open them when it’s cool in the evening and at night)
  • Promote permanent ventilation in the premises
  • Drink water regularly without waiting for thirst and let your children drink frequently
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Eat enough light, water-rich foods (fruits and vegetables)
  • Cool down and soak your body (at least your face and arms) several times a day
  • Avoid going out during the hottest hours
  • Opt for effortless activities in the hottest weather
  • Wear light, loose, bright clothing and a hat outside
  • If there are elderly, isolated or chronically ill people around you, check in with them or visit them
  • Choose teleworking or adapt your schedule
  • Avoid unnecessary travel during the hottest part of the day
  • Do not practice outdoor sports and avoid physical exertion.
  • Take out your cigarette butt and throw it in the trash
  • Do not use fireworks near plants

An information number is also available to the public: 0800 06 66 66 (free calls from a landline, Monday to Saturday, 9am to 7pm).

In an emergency, call for help immediately

EMS: 15 | Emergency Police: 17 | Firefighters: 18 | European number: 112 | Emergency call for deaf and hard of hearing: 114

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