JetBrains Open Space On-Premises Beta Program Announces On-Premises Version of Its Collaboration Solution for Software Development and Project Management

JetBrains has announced the opening of the Space On-Premises Beta Program. As the name suggests, it’s the on-premises version of Space, JetBrains’ all-in-one, extensible collaboration solution for software development, project and team management, and communication. This release gives you the ability to fully manage, maintain and upgrade the space.

The Space On-Premises beta program is for companies that want complete control over their data To install it, they can choose one of two options:

  • Space on-premises for Docker Compose to quickly launch test environments.
  • Space for Kubernetes on-premises for larger, scalable installations.

Why choose the on-premises version of the site?

Space is a complete development platform for teams and software projects. It provides Git hosting, code review, automation, CI/CD, packages, tickets and documents, chat channels and calendars all integrated and accessible directly in one place.

With the on-premises version of Space, you get full control over your data, as well as Space platform maintenance and upgrades. As an extensible and scalable solution, Space On-Premises gives you more flexibility and allows you to adapt the platform to best meet your needs.

Space on-premises is completely free to use throughout its beta phase. JetBrains will then offer a free plan for 10 users.

As part of the beta program, you can choose between two options to try the on-premises version of Space before upgrading to a full cluster experience. Now let’s take a closer look at what these installation options are.

Space on-premises for Docker Compose

Space On-Premises for Docker Compose is a simple and lightweight way to define and run Space On-Premises on a single Docker host.

With Composition, you use a YAML file to configure your app’s services Then, a single command is enough to create and start all the services in your configuration.

JetBrains recommends this install option if you want to quickly try Space on-premises.

Space for Kubernetes on-premises

Space on-premises runs on a Kubernetes cluster. The cluster itself can be local or remote, and can be hosted on-premises at Amazon (EKS), Google (GKE), or Azure (AKS).

Space On-Premises uses Kubernetes as a resource provider, so Kubernetes sets the system context for Space On-Premises.

This installation option allows you to have a repeatable space experience in any environment you control. However, you should ensure that you have sufficient experience setting up Kubernetes as this step is not part of the space on-premises installation process.

Bta phase restriction and free license

Space On-Premises Beta is provided with a free license that is valid until January 31, 2023. JetBrains plans to keep the beta program free for 3-6 months.

Currently, the free beta license gives access to the organization package. It is limited to 1000 users and 50 concurrent automation workers.

When the public version of Space On-Premises becomes available, in Q4 2022, JetBrains will offer three packages:

  • Free Free Package (up to 10 users)
  • Organization package
  • Enterprise plan

Paid plans are billed annually, per user, starting at $25 per month. The features that users benefit from in Space On-Premises depend on the plan chosen, just like in Space Cloud.

On-premises release management

Currently, Space is available on-premises in version 2022.1. JetBrains plans to release patches as often as possible for the current beta version. Updates will be made available in Space UI

After the public release, expected in Q4 2022, JetBrains plans to release three major space on-premises releases per year with regular bug fixes. However, if you want to be able to try the latest spec features as they become available, the developer software vendor invites you to try EAP builds (a new build is released every month).

Migration from Space Cloud

Migration from Space Cloud to Space On-Premises is not supported at this time JetBrains knows this is an important issue for its customers, however, and is working on future support for a migration journey.

Feature similarity with space cloud

Most Space features that do not require JetBrains side hosting are automatically available in Space on-premises, including:

  • Git hosting
  • Code review
  • Integration with JetBrains IDE
  • ticket
  • Ticket Dashboard
  • the papers
  • Package management
  • the cat
  • Mobile subscribers
  • Desktop client
  • Team management
  • Calendar

However, there are a few differences between the cloud and on-premises versions, including:

  • Automation: The on-premises version lets you connect only external workers.
  • Development environments are not supported in beta. JetBarins plans to publicly support them later.

In both beta versions of Space On-Premises, it’s possible that some features aren’t fully functional yet, so your feedback is especially important.

The beta version of Space On-Premises is available to everyone. If you want to try it, you can download it now.

Download the beta version of Space On-Premises

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