turn Misegel workshop opens a training space at “M l’école”, Burlats

A space dedicated to training to integrate new recruits and professionalize its staff (© Facebook Missegle)

Missegal WorkshopTarn specializes in manufacturing the industry’s flagship, natural fiber garments Inaugurated on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, “M l’école”, “a space dedicated to the integration of new recruits and training for the professionalization of existing staff. Missegle publishes on its website.

This is the training ground Located directly next to the Misegl workshop, was inaugurated in September 2021 in Barlats.

16 New workers of the future

The Miesgael company, a true symbol of the preservation of French knowledge for more than a decade, has begun a task Transmission project to future generations “The ambition of this new framework will be to prevent the loss of knowledge and its transmission. ” says the company.

“We are one now Authorized Training Institute. We are only at the very beginning, but now everything is possible,” explains Mariam Joly, director of Atelier Misegl.

Since March 15, 2022, the workshop has welcomed 16 seamstresses, including two machine seamstresses – on a sock machine and a 3D machine respectively – for six months of training. Nine of the 16 apprentices are ex-job seekers.

Innov’emploi method

This is part of the training Innov’emploi method of Occitanie regionThe system incurs training costs and sets a Minimum recruitment rateIn a six-month CDD or CDI, 70% of apprentices. “But we expect more than that! The idea is that they integrate all workshops. Finally, new seamstresses will join to represent a workforce of 34 currently,” said Mariam Joly.

A significant increase in staffWhich aims, on the one hand, to increase activity by 50% in 2 years and on the other hand, to respond to the future retirement of five seamstresses.

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Proud of the training and transition

“It’s been on my mind for a while now (to open a school, editor’s note) as we’ve already been training internally for a few years. The opening of the school in collaboration with the French Institute of Textiles and Clothing (IFTH) makes it possible to formalize, transmit and promote things since five seamstresses have received training certificates and 16 seamstresses take care of part of the training. »

They will be able to retire knowing that all of their knowledge and legacy will be assured that their knowledge and their work will not go to waste.

Miriam Jolie

For Miriam Jolie,Training certificates obtained by five employees At the end of their careers, a source of satisfaction and pride,” it is most rewarding for them. They will be able to retire knowing that all of their knowledge and legacy will be assured that their knowledge and their work will not go to waste. This is beneficial as the trainers qualify before they retire which is financially rewarding. We want to allow people in our region to transition before they retire. »

“Building a school for us today really makes sense. This is a way to ensure that we train our staff and ensure that the undervalued manual trades can pass on training and know-how. My aim is to revive the desire to work in the workshop, to show that it is useful and that when one works one is not enslaved, but one participates in the life of the city, so that you can improve at work. It’s politics somewhere,” reveals Mariam Joly.

upcoming training

16 In addition to training future employees, The M School is offering its first inter-company training next September. It is training in mohair selection, which is for goat breeders wishing to add value to their wool production.

Other training Intercompany is under study “We are considering offering training to our suppliers to help them train the next generation on their breeding farms. We have very specific requests from people who want to learn knitting, for example. Things are done according to emerging opportunities and needs. »

Dates and information

Two days of 14 hour training:
September 13 and 14, 2022
9 am to 12:30 pm and 2 pm to 5:30 pm
Training on the premises of the M’école of Burlats 81100, lieu-dit Montplaisi

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