Lower Atlantic. Loroux-Bottereau: A new college in 2027

A new college will replace the August Mailloux College in 2027. ©HSM

From January to November 2022, the municipality Loroux-Bottereau (Lower Atlantic) completed three phases in the municipal projection by 2040.

This strategic study for the re-qualification of the city center aims to develop an action plan in consultation with residents through a representative panel. 40 people.

The city needs a lot

Loroux-Bottereau has been labeled the “small town of tomorrow” because it is recognized as a central point with neighboring municipalities in the same way as Vallet. The municipality is a tripartite structure Divatte-sur-Loire And Saint-Julien-de-Concels.

As the “small city of tomorrow”, Loroux-Bottereau was also able to benefit from a commercial study funded by the Banque des Territoires.

“The assessment shows some weaknesses, underlines Deputy Pierre Ahoulou, including the lack of food businesses, bookstores, personal equipment stores but improving windows and parking”.

A new college is planned for 2027

The site planned for France Services Space is Cure's building in Rosmedec, around the town hall.  The latter will be released in late summer for a tentative opening of France services in October 2022.
The site planned for France Services Space is Cure’s building in Rosmedec, around the town hall. The latter will be released in late summer for the planned opening of France services in October 2022. ©HSM

In good news, Emmanuel Reverie Mayor announced A new college at Loroux-Bottereau should be legitimized in 2027″.

Budgeted for this construction €21,000,000 By the Regional Council of the Lower-Atlantic, the mayor considered that “the new college project gained two years because we insisted from the beginning of our mandate”. The new college will be built next to the August Mailloux College it will eventually replace.

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Installation of a France service structure in October 2022

The city will benefit from the France service, a system that should Facilitating residents’ access to public services By allowing particularly qualified people to be welcomed into a single place to carry out their daily routines (employment, retirement, family, social, health, housing, energy, postal services, access to law, etc.).

The framework will combine physical reception and digital support.

This measure is part of a national objective: to give everyone access to a France service structure less than 30 minutes from their home. Public services that no longer existed in small towns are returning to the heart of the city.

Emmanuel Reverie, Mayor of Loraux-Botteroux

Emmanuel Reverie, the mayor, mentioned Caf, MSA, Post Office, Pôle Emploi, Justice, Cnam, Cpam, among others.

It should be noted that the service offer can be enriched with other partners depending on local needs. and should constitute “a satellite service for neighboring municipalities”.

The creation of this framework is based on various principles viz Minimum open 24 hours/week, 5 days/weekPresence of 2 mediators to provide first level administrative support.

France services should be settled in the place healing building Located in Rosmadec Square while the priests will be relocated.

The premises will be rehabilitated Supported in part by the prefecture. For the management of France services, the municipality will benefit from an aid of €30,000, i.e. part of the salary of intermediary agents (1.8 FTE full-time equivalent).

Loroux-Bottereau’s France service will be on the 22nde In the Lower Atlantic. It is expected to be inaugurated next October.

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