Rennes’ place is under the sign of “wellness” of animals

After the 2020 edition by Interposed Screen, the 35th International Livestock Show in Rennes, Space, is being held face-to-face this time between 14 and 16 September, under the themewelfare“animals, who”part of daily life» breeder.

More than 1,100 exhibitors are expected, including 223 new and 323 international, the event’s commissioner general, Anne-Marie Quimener, said during a press conference. Foreign delegates are also expected, including several from West Africa.

The physical show has been tightened over three days (compared to four earlier in 2020) from September 14 to 16. 17th will be held exclusively in digital mode. “Our reproductive world is now becoming a matter of society“, recalls the president of the space, Marcel Deneuil, referring to the spectacular actions of the association that questioned the practice of certain reproduction. The space is a “An almost unique opportunity for exchange in the agricultural world“, he underlined.

Space for tomorrow»

This is a matter of animal welfarePart of the daily life of breeders“This theme tackles, Space”Are there efforts to reduce these areas of misunderstanding (…) between livestock professionals and civil society actors?“Explains Didier Lucas, who is in charge ofSpace for tomorrow“, where various equipment is allowed to be brought”Concrete responses to material needs in this regard (new materials for floors, rolling brushes, calf coats, perches, etc.)

Specifically, a debate will be dedicated each day by sector to this theme: Tuesday for poultry, Wednesday for cattle and Thursday for pigs. “We must listen to the whole of society to find ways to adapt agriculture to social needssaid Mr. Lucas.

Animal competition is back

Among the expected guests is Pierre Basco, Director-General for Agriculture of the European Commission, who will present “Implementation of the Green Deal as part of the implementation of the future Common Agricultural Policy(PAC), as well as philosopher Jacques Ricote, who will bring his perspective on human-animal relationships. Animal races are also back for this edition. In cattle, the Normande (milk) and Rouge des Press (meat) varieties are respected, and in sheep, the Bleu du Maine. The Simmental breed, a mixed milk/meat breed, will have a “centerThe European ChallengeWith notable animals presented by breeders from Germany and Austria.

In addition to the traditional sale of genome-selected animals, for the first time this year, animals will be sold for slaughter, both cattle and lambs, in response to “a request» Professional butcher. Finally, after being selected by a jury, Innov’Space will highlight around sixty innovations focused on this year.Improvement of working conditions, well-being and search for efficiency

We are in transition. In all our sectors, we are thinking about our future (…) and we are trying to find solutions“, André Sergeant, President of the Regional Chamber of Agriculture, underlines the context of Space 2021. He notably mentioned the inadequacies of the Igalim Law (Agriculture and Food), which was supposed to restore farmers’ income. “There has been some growth but growth that has not followed cost pricesEspecially because of rising raw material costs that are affecting animal husbandry, he said.

In terms of health, regarding visitors, passes will be tested but two testing centers will be set up at the main entrance to receive those who could not be tested, the organizers hoped that “May all come safely” During its last face-to-face edition, in 2019, the space welcomed around 105,000 visitors, including around 15,000 from 122 countries.

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