What Netflix has in store for you in July (2022 releases)

Summer promises to be exceptional on Netflix. Along with the weather forecast for the film and series, the weather should be fine with the new features that the platform has streaming Do you doubt it in reserve for you? Perhaps you need to understand the list of programs you are waiting for. First, July will start with a bang with the airing of Season 4 Part 2stranger things” closely followed by liberation.”sea ​​monster“, an animated film directed by Chris Williams who is the originator of Moana and Volt (only) One thing is for sure, you will be amazed!

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But that’s not all, Dakota Johnson will grace us with her presence “persuasion” , a movie adapted from Jane Austen’s novel! (It’s a safe bet that fans of “The Bridgerton Chronicle” will flock to the gates)..in another style, “resident evil” should also be an event and compete with the 14th of July fireworks!

Obviously, Netflix has a few surprises up its sleeve, and this list is bound to grow as we get information. So do not hesitate to consult regularly!

July 1

Stranger Things – Season 4- Volume 2
Victor and Celia
Barry Seal: American Traffic
Conor McGregor: Notorious
in his dream
The Last Air Master
Playboy to take over
social network
Miterde half time
Real life of teachers
without words
Vikings – Season 6 – Part 2
The Fall – Seasons 1 and 2
H24 – Season 1
Morphel – Season 3
Manifest – Seasons 1 to 3
the misfit
Friends: Adventures in Heartlake City

2nd July

Clapper[s] – Season 1
wood god
The happiness curve
My release note
Growing up gay
Leon and Olivido
God of wood
Teachers of the Republic
bear island

July 3

The Lie – Season 1
oh my baby
18% gray

July 6

Hello, goodbye, and we’re in the middle
King of the Stonks – Mini Series
Control Z – Season 3
Girl in the picture: Crime in the Abyss
Fast, feeling and love

July 7th

the room
World of Action – Season 3
Vineland Saga – Season 1

8th July

sea ​​monster
dangerous relationship
The Night Will Be Long – Season 1
spell out
Architect of Desire – Season 1
Boo, dog
Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls – Interactive

9 July

Faith 2

10 July

torn apart

11 July

for you

12 July

Better Call Saul – Season 6 – Part 2
My daughter’s killer
Journey to the Edge of the Mind – Documentary mini-series
Bill Barr: Live at Red Rocks
Wild Things: Animal Adventure [JEU]

13 July

Amalfi under the sun
DB Cooper: Where’s the robber?
A man who dares to dream
Send Wood – Season 2
Beyond Pain – Mini Series
Syntonia – Season 3
Extraordinary Attorney Wu – Season 1

14th July

resident evil
Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Knight
Mary Francine

15th July

Remarriage and Desire – Season 1
Alba – Season 1
The Alley Debutante – Season 1
Mom, Don’t Do It – Season 1
Queen of the country
the alpha
Tendency to survive
Billy and Buddy
Anaconda: Chases the Blood Orchid
The Adventures of Tintin
Lancaster at war
Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl
Enchantress: Enchantment of Great Encounters

18 July

Living is life
What is the end of the fairy tale?

20 July

Virgin Rivers – Season 4
The Bad Exorcist – Seasons 1 and 2
Hero’s Coma: In Another World
University font
Dali and the Arrogant Prince (Dali and the Cocky Prince) – Season 1
Indian Hunter: The Butcher of Delhi
Sell ​​your haunted house
Youth of May

21st July

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous – The Final Season
My family is strangers

July 22

The Gray Man (with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling)
In Glass and Against All – Season 3
13 hours that saved Britain

23 July

The Walking Dead – Season 11 – Part 1
Alchemy of the soul

26th July

Ag3nda (Di4ries) – Season 1
The people and their king
Street Food USA
Shayna Twain: I’m not just a girl

27 July

my dream house
The most hated people on the internet
Rebelde – Season 2
Car Masters: From Rust to Gold – Season 4

28th July

The Way of the Olive Tree (Other Self)
Unfolding and having problems

29th July

Our wounded hearts
Fanatico – Season 1
Beauty of Jerusalem – Season 2
Justice Served – Season 1
Vigilantes: Rebel Cheer Squad – Season 1
Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time
District of nobility
Masaba, Masaba – Season 2

31 July

my brother

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