Espace Montagne: At Steel, will be outdoors

In early September, a newcomer will open its doors at Steel Shopping Center covering an area of ​​1,300 meters.2. Espace Montagne, an imprint of the Sport 2000 Group, will provide all the equipment needed to practice the outdoor discipline. A project led by Romain Cottier, already head of the Sport 2000 store in Montbrison, and who wants to complete the existing offer in Saint-Étienne.

The opening of the steel is scheduled for the first half of September. © Romain Cotier

Romain Cotier’s outdoor sports practice runs through his veins. A sport-studies graduate in skiing, and originally from Montbrison, he practiced many of these disciplines in the region from a very young age. So it is only natural that he took over the Sport 2000 store from his parents in 2017, as a member, developing the brand cooperatively. And as the practice of a single discipline is not enough for him, there he needs more. This will soon be done as he will soon head a second brand connected to Sport 2000 called Espace Montagne, and specialist in equipment dedicated to the outdoors (trail, bike, ski, hike, water sports, etc.). A unit has been installed in Ispat which will serve as a pilot store followed by many French brands in the sector such as Millet, Salomon, The North Face and Picture.

A redesigned formula

Unlike a franchise or license of a mark, the cooperative gives all the freedom of action to the member, who only has no obligation to deliver near the central purchase of the mark. Their role is also more participatory. ” As a Sport 2000 member, I am part of a working group with others, and we have been able to revise Espace Montagne in particular. The idea was to think about how to reposition and modernize the brand. From now on, it has a real concept, easy to reproduce, the logo has been reviewed, with nomenclature, location, experiential furniture. The idea was to be able to work in all four seasons, and not be limited to disciplines around skiing. » A brand well known to Romain Cottier since his store in Montbrissan already has an Espace Montagne corner. And since you won’t change a winning team, the steel store will benefit from 300m2 Mondovello Corner, another brand of the group, is dedicated to cycling, as its name suggests.

a bet

The idea of ​​this store has been bouncing around in Romain Cotiere’s head for years. And after two-and-a-half years of negotiations with shopping center developer Apicis, to find financial common ground without compromising experience, a deal was sealed. ” I see that Saint-Étienne does not have one on offer, which is why Espace Montagne would complement the existing one. This is an opportunity to showcase our region for outdoor and green tourism. The Loire is an area of ​​intense practice, particularly pilates, Monts du Forage. There is a real enthusiasm for these disciplines with all levels represented. People want to reconnect with nature through simple practices.” The store will be spread over an area of ​​1,300 meters2. He needed a large catchment area, which forced Romain Cotier to choose steel. He admits it represents a heavy investment, although it is partly supported by Sport 2000. It’s a big gamble, but I know the market so well, I don’t rush into it without knowing where I’m going. »

This is an opportunity to showcase our region for outdoor and green tourism »

Romain Cottier, Espace Montagne store manager of Steel & Sport 2000 in Montbrison.

A dive shop

Through this pilot unit, it is the concept of experience and immersion that the brand wants to highlight. It will have localized visuals that will help project athletes into the surrounding environment, as well as areas where products can be tested. ” We have also established a strong partnership with Sidus, the specialist in comfort around the feet. This will allow us an approach to sales that starts from the feet and not from the shoes, thanks to a machine that will analyze it. We sell and rent touring, skating and Nordic skis. These are things that professionals rarely do anymore. » Currently, the team consists of eleven to thirteen employees, training at the Montbrison site.

Vendors yes, but technicians

All are passionate about outdoor practice and training aims to raise their ranks, as Romain Cottier believes that success will depend precisely on their technicality. It has also implemented a CSR policy which it aims to further develop. ” 100% of sold brands also have a CSR program. We are obviously concerned about ecology as nature is our field of practice, but also about the well-being of staff. We set adaptive schedules to facilitate their social life and be part of the wellness rationale. It definitely helps reduce turnover. » The opening is scheduled for the first half of September.

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