Goat breeding in space and discover award-winning innovations for the 2022 Livestock Summit

The T6.180 Methane Power is a versatile agricultural tractor that runs 100% on biomethaneThe only one to date on the market. “This fuel promotes the energy autonomy of farms and has an improved or even negative carbon footprint with the same performance as a diesel tractor, Manufacturer specifies. LConsumption costs drop rapidly and this drop can reach 30%. » Technical details: Maximum EPM power 132/180 kW/hp, rated engine speed: 2,200 rpm, Electro Command™ transmission and 7,864 kg maximum coupling capacity.

To discover at Sommet de l’Élevage: Exterior – Stand 0518 and at newholland.com

RCH372_TECH_EQUIP_SALONS_WEIDEMANN.jpgWeidemann’s 1190e farm hand has a fully electric drive and is powered by your choice of three different Li-ion batteries. According to the German manufacturer, this model is as versatile as its diesel counterpart. “All farm work can be done with this machine. »

To discover at Sommet de l’Élevage: Exterior – Stand 0614 and at weidemann.de

RCH372_TECH_EQUIP_SALONS_YANIGAV.jpgDrive posts effortlessly with the MPEV 600 CT. Manufacturer Yanigav was awarded for the MPEV 600 CT, a post driver for carriers (tractors, telehandlers, loaders, excavators, etc.) guaranteeing zero vibration in the arms. The stake clamp prevents the user from dismounting the carrier to set up stakes.

To discover at Sommet de l’Élevage: Exterior – Stand 1705 and on yanigav.fr

RCH372_TECH_EQUIP_SALONS_SRP.jpgNew 85% recycled PVC construction material, the modular formwork of the SRP concept is based on an intelligent interlocking system of formworks that has been the subject of an in-depth study by Serba (Concrete Design Office). At the heart of these double-walled clip-on blocks are cells, which will be filled with concrete or not, depending on the project’s configuration. Easy to implement with self-construction, it is an alternative to traditional construction methods and replaces shuttered walls, shuttered block walls, prefabricated walls… and facilitates the construction of fixed or removable scraper walls, peripheral walls, sills, manure. , milking parlor wall, cubicle wall, loading dock.

To discover at Sommet de l’Élevage: Hall 2 – Stand A 15 and at srpconcept.fr

RCH372_TECH_EQUIP_SALONS_INTRACARE.jpgDeveloped in natural fabric by Intracare, Intra Eco Tape Combines elasticity, easy tearing and adhesion. Two in one, bandage and compress, and its oxygen permeability promotes skin regeneration. Its pluses: It’s biodegradable and can be removed on its own after two days.

To discover at Sommet de l’Élevage: Hall 2 – Stand F 15 and at syntheselevage.com

The Éloi farm cluster aims to accommodate transmission farms At the request of project leaders at the installation to ensure recovery. Specifically, the company Éloi buys a farm from a transferor who resells it to agronomy project promoters under different entities (two or three). A cluster is a grouping of two to three complementary activities at the same site. Each farmer is independent of his neighbors, owns his activity, but can benefit from cooperation and mutual aid.

To discover at Sommet de l’Élevage: Hall 1 – Stand G8 and at eloi.eu

RCH372_TECH_EQUIP_SALONS_CHIEN.jpgLivestock Institute Canada leads the multi-partner project Aims to develop tools for selecting service dogs. The objective is to identify the adequacy of the herding dogs between their natural abilities and the performance of the animals being handled. The project revolves around two phases carried out in parallel: the analysis of existing data and the design and implementation of a specific test to identify dogs with the necessary and essential natural aptitudes for handling animals. These dogs are said to have an attractive “use value”. They are able to convey messages to the animals, reducing the balance of power to a minimum (preventing escapes, grouping animals together, close to the driver, respectfully confronting animals when necessary and causing animal movement). animals, except predatory behavior). This allows each member of the triptych (breeder – herd – dog) to find his balance on the farm, where the breeder has a privileged place.

To discover at the Sommet de l’Élevage: outside – stand 0530 and at idele.fr/chiens-de-troupeau/

RCH372_TECH_EQUIP_SALONS_ROPEEK.jpgAutomated and autonomous robotic tools, RO’PICK New robot developed by Copeeks. This aerial automated tool can be deployed to determine building ambience and animal location in real time. It goes on and on and on and on along the wire. The rotating camera makes it possible to capture data in two lateral directions, day and night (infrared vision). Automated analysis of image and sensor data allows depth and spatio-temporal knowledge of production space.

To discover the space: Hall 4, Stand B46 and at copeeks.fr

RCH372_TECH_EQUIP_SALONS_TRIOWORLD.jpgThe TriO2 cover is a silage cover made of at least 40% recycled plastic Post-consumer (PCR) with high-end technical features and no non-recyclable additives. Its role is to maintain the absence of oxygen in the silo to preserve harvested forage and limit losses. “Its 115 micron thickness and its high resistance (dart > 1,000 g) allow easy installation in silos”, said the manufacturer Trioworld. In addition, thanks to an adapted composition, its oxygen barrier properties are improved compared to other standard tarpaulins (oxygen transmission <180 cm3/m2/24 hours) which leads to maximum limitation of storage damage.

To discover the space: Hall 9, stand D88 and triosilo.com

RCH372_TECH_EQUIP_SALONS_MINISTAR.jpgRousseau designed his minster silo by replacing vibrated glass with vegetable fibers. Thus different types of flax fiber are used: woven into roving, short flax fiber into mats, flax fiber into veils. “In addition, the polyester resin used is a biosourced resin, which includes up to 39% renewable raw materials”Its creator said.
With a capacity of 2.5 m3Ministar is available in a 0.7 concentration version (cereals, grains, cereals but also woody plants) but 1.5 for mineral storage (food supplement).

To discover the space: Hall 3, stand D37 and at rousseau.fr

RCH372_TECH_EQUIP_SALONS_SOLAIRE.jpgFengtech’s ETF solar thermal system uses evacuated tubes which captures the direct, diffuse and reflected rays of the sun to heat water. The water thus heated is stored in the balloon. “Typically farmers notice more than 50% energy savings,” says the designer.

To discover in space: Hall 4; on stand D106 and at fengtech.fr

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