Star Ocean 6 – A space-opera that delivers well!

Today we have a lot of information from Square Enix regarding Star Ocean 6! In fact, after presenting you with DUMA this morning, it’s time to present you with a lot of information that makes a game that looks great!

The Story of Star Ocean 6: The Divine Force

Pangalactic Federation

This organization has been trying to bring peace and tranquility to the galactic masses since they first stepped into the solar system. As he expanded across the universe, many heroes served under him, saving planets in distress.

Today, in 583 DS, things have changed a lot. The once peaceful Pangalactic Federation is now known Integrating planets Against their will. This former ambassador of justice is now shrouded in darkness.

RaymondCaptain of an interstellar transporter YadasKeeps the planet unchanged Vergould As part of a routine transport mission. The mission is simple, the path is familiar, and yet things go awry when the Yadas attackAstoriaA battleship carries a crew The Kenny family. Raymond and his teammates, ChloeThe ship is forced to abandon ship, and heads for an isolated and undeveloped planet, the fourth in the systemAster.

Before their escape pod can even land, a wave of electromagnetic pulse-like energy emanating from the planet’s surface disables its systems and knocks it out of the sky. Raymond and Chloe land on an unknown planet, becoming separated.

As soon as he arrives, Raymond is attacked by the most unfriendly local creatures. But when all was lost he was rescued LaetitiaThe crown princess of the kingdomAcarius. Astounded by the sudden arrival of this man who burst into her life like a shooting star, Laetitia asks Raymond to help save her kingdom from the Empire’s spread. Vey’l Neighbors. He accepts Chloe in exchange for help finding him. Thus begins their adventure Aster IV. However, Raymond will quickly discover that he is not yet out of the clutches of the Pangalactic Federation.

Official presentation of DUMA

Although we already presented this entity to you this morning, here is the official information.

Production model 004213.

DUMA is an unusual creation endowed with a Higher intelligence And Awareness. Although it appears to be a robot, it presents itself as a “life form”. Despite his rather unclear intentions, DUMA accompanies Raymond and his companions on their journey. Grants the use of many powers through this life formdynamic attack or AC.

Movement attack

How does Star Ocean 6 fly?

Thanks to DUMA, you can roam and move at full speed. In the city or outside, you can fly to find many hidden treasure Star Ocean 6! You can even include flying in the combo!


The world of Star Ocean 6 is full of countlesshidden things. Start with Gems. The gem Mystical crystal with the ability to increase DUMA’s powers
Find and collect these gems, which will be of great help to you throughout your journey.

Star Ocean 6 terrain analysis

DUMA can also search treasure chest And Interactive objects As you explore. Scouring an area for rare items can be difficult, but DUMA’s terrain analysis makes your treasure hunt a breeze.

AC attack

AC attacks can include various powerful attacks. Hold the corresponding button to float high in the air, then release it to collide with your enemies.
Use this ability to knock enemies back or deal massive damage. The AC attack Using them can take different forms depending on the character. Discover each character’s unique abilities and take advantage of them during fights.

Lightning Attack, a well-known Star Ocean mechanic

When an enemy has you in their sights, change course without warning when attacking AC and leave their field of vision for a maneuver. lightning attack. The enemy will lose sight of you and will immobilized For a short time, during which it will do a lot of damage. Multiple enemies can be struck by lightning at the same time if you use it effectively. Lightning attack a Essential techniques To eliminate your enemies.

attack radar

The Invasion radar Can help you execute your lightning attacks better. This clever radar displays directional information about incoming enemy attacks when you stand
Motionless during combat. In other words, it can help you to plan The target of your lightning attack. Enemies that are initially invulnerable to attack due to their wide field of vision can also be hit with lightning attacks if certain conditions are met during combat. Keep these options in mind when planning your battle strategy.

surprise attack

CA can also be used at the start of a battle. If you engage in combat by attacking before the enemy notices your presence, it is a “sudden attack“, and is accompanied bya bonus. This bonus guarantees that enemies hit by the attack, as well as all nearby enemies, will be struck by lightning. get from best prize For all enemies defeated before this effect wears off.

Star Ocean 6 ships

  • Merchant ship YdasIt includes a medium-sized merchant ship Lawrence logisticsand under Raymond Lawrence. He was attacked during a cargo transport operation Surprised, then shot down by a Federation warship pangalactic
  • Astoria – State-of-the-art warships of the Pangalactic Federation. With a member of the Kenny family on board, this warship is a real eye-catcher.

The star ocean is divine power will come out on top October 27, 2022 PS4, PS5, Xbox One and the series as well as on PC via Steam.

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