Envoy of the Dead T.1 (Adam-Troy CASTRO): Punchy space opera with its breathtaking heroine!

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A universe filled with darkness is carried by its indomitable heroine.

Don’t hesitate if I call you Sherlock Holmes and Miles Vorkosigan.

Adam-Troy Castro is new to me and to my great shame, I missed it.. catch-up session Iliko! This author has published a tremendously essential trilogy with Albin Michel Imaginaire, which I sincerely thank through the Press Service. A nugget!

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Born in 1960, he is a writer specializing in fantasy, fantasy and horror, having published around twenty novels and five short stories. His Andrea Cort trilogy is a big thrust into the middle of SF with his investigator wracked by childhood trauma.

The Andrea Cort Trilogy – Part 1

When she was eight years old, Andrea Cort witnessed a massacre. Worse, after seeing his parents massacred, he fought back. As punishment for his crimes, he became the permanent property of the diplomatic corps. Where, over the years, he took up a career as a lawyer, then as an investigator for the prosecutor’s office. Sent to an artificial habitat as inhospitable as isolation, where two murders have just occurred, the young woman must solve the case without creating a diplomatic incident with the artificial intelligence that owns the place. To his superiors, it did not matter which criminal was designated. But the lessons Andrea learned as a child carry over into adulthood: an indomitable woman who lives for only one thing, “fighting demons.”

A space opera born in blood and fury..

Good news, this 700 page edition contains 4 essential short stories that I highly recommend, here are their titles: ‘With Blood on Their Hands’, ‘An Incredible Defense’, ‘Cowards Have No Secrets’ and ‘Invisible Monsters’ lay the foundations of this universe.

As Gilles Dumme points out in his foreword, this book is as dark as an Italian cafe with a heavy and tense atmosphere. Each short story deals with very current themes: War, corruption, racism Sound like a strong axis of reflection. GenocideThe triggering event in Andrea Cort’s story, Crash Through the massacre of his family for which he is responsible, in circumstances beyond his control. messenger of the dead qQuestions the concept of free will and the manipulation of the masses. Adam-Troy Castro highlights the relationship between people, technology and its excesses.

The dialogues are tense and rambling, with different layers of reading that will be understood later.

This novel is a fascinating journey into a world as exotic as it is extreme. Welcome to Bokai and its red cacti desert, its mountains covered with large spongiform trees, its phosphorescent ocean, its two sunrises and sunsets on the same day. welcome The planet Catharine is called “ice hell”. Or come to the artificial world of Wun Wun Wun, literally a city of hammocks and whose mode of transportation is… rope! On the program for Anonymous Text: A double murder, impenetrable abysses and roaming dragons, and a world monitored by AI are nothing simple, everything is dangerous in an investigation where a double murder will throw our nerves on edge!

Appearances were never so deceiving! The novel true hostile fuck Action scenes cut for the big screen!

The quality of the suspense and plot will bring you back to the best stories Lois McMaster Bujold Much darker and more radical. The author explores a dark future and sprinkles everything with an increasingly paranoid atmosphere With its share of situations and revelations..

A legend is born.

Andrea Kort is the survivor of a mysterious tragedy in her native Bokai and the executioner of her own family. His memory on this occasion remains inaccessible to him.

Convicted of a crime, he is sentenced to ‘work’ for a very, very long time for the ‘Corps Diplomatic’ (you forget the pension!). He is a magistrate, attorney general with the title of judicial investigator, the diplomatic corps plunges him into the heart of criminal cases. His role is to ensure that all legal processes are implemented and completed.

By business, he travels between New London, an incredible tube station to meet other extraterrestrial civilizations, and humans, a civilization that largely inspires disbelief, in other words, Andrea Cort’s sulphurous reputation and criminal past will in no way facilitate the successful accomplishment of the mission entrusted to her…

Andrea has tremendous intelligence and instincts. His problem is that he often comes across a detail that will complicate the matter, which is a mere formality…obviously!

Andrea Cort wields sound like a weapon and is endowed with a clarity and a nerve that can prove to be an asset. (Andrea Kort reveals the full extent of his genius in the face of a pair of defendants in the second short story An impregnable defense) than near-critical errors (Fully illustrated in the new Cowards have no secrets which explores themes of free will and manipulation.)

With all due respect, Mr. Ambassador, I have devoted my entire career to mediating legal disputes with extraterrestrial cultures. And I strongly suspect that the misunderstanding in question is not so much that Councilor Raig is a chi, but that he is a bloody ass.

Note that Andrea Court’s opponents are well preparedLike Emil Sandberg and his spine-chilling smile and stalker will lead you to dare…

messenger of the dead offers beautiful encounters that will touch Andrea Court in her ‘re-humanization’ process, I’m thinking of the premiere-offering, the tragic gin baby. Or later Skye and Oscin are one, two really awesome and very special friends.. I’ll say no more!

i loved messenger of the dead !

Andrea Kort literally carries the story on her quest for the truth, determined to get him out. invisible ghost And makes her a heroine whose exciting evolution makes her endearing. messenger of the dead Hence the invitation to darkness in the heart of her heroine. messenger of the dead Super addictive, puck investigation, cheat look! The topics covered are terribly relevant.

It’s a story of exploration among extraterrestrial civilizations where politics and diplomacy are at the forefront, where diplomatic crises await, Andrea Court will be a grain of sand in the machine to update the threats that can weigh. homsap

In her expression, reassurance gave way to panic, a second before Andrea Court hammered home her conclusion.

This novel is a great read at the heart of an inspired space opera, with its compelling characters: antagonists facing threats and risks. The author has an unstoppable sense of world building and will surprise you with an immersive and highly engaging read. The novel is not hard SF like the P trilogyThree problems of the body By Liu Xixin, who keeps the protagonists in the background to serve up an extraordinary story, Adam-Troy Castro’s talent makes his characters more alive and memorable. the hill, Foundation And Hyperion .

The suits have already been published by Albin Michel Imaginaire : God’s Third Claw And Puppet War It’s time to cheer on this exciting first volume and one of the SF peaks of recent years And I’mimage of the hill and stories VorkosiganThe Andrea Cort Trilogy… It’s More Than SF!

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