Ten essentials to slip into your backpack

Water filters, safety equipment, technical clothing… our selection of new products suitable for your walks, especially at altitude.

When hiking, even for the day, the package is crucial! To make sure you don’t forget anything while hiking light, here are our suggestions for essentials to slip into your backpack. Remember: Heavy items like food and drinks should be placed in the center of the bag so that they stick out the most towards the back. And everything you want to have close at hand can be stored in the upper part and the head of the bag. On the way.

The perfect backpack for the day

This recycled nylon backpack is both technical and comfortable. Work on the rest of the little details. Press the picture

The bigger your backpack, the heavier it will be… because you’ll fill it up! It is therefore essential to adjust the size of the bag in your program: for a day trip, 20 to 25 liters is sufficient. The Osprey brand’s iconic Tempest 20L model, made of recycled nylon, is known for its comfort and technicality, and is as strong as it is light. The carrying system and the possible adjustment of the back, waist belt and shoulder straps ensure good weight distribution and thus the stability and freedom of movement sought. Powermesh pockets on the front make wetsuits easy, for example, while small zipped pockets on each side of the waistband give quick access to your phone or cereal bars. Finally, fastening systems for helmets, sticks and ice axes allow you to imagine all kinds of outings.

Backpack Tempest (Women’s Edition) Talon (Men’s Edition) Osprey 20L. – Price: 140 euros

That makes bottled water drinkable

This water bottle, developed as part of a humanitarian program, is also available for outdoor activities. Press the picture

Life Straw’s filtration technology transforms micro-biologically contaminated water into a drinkable liquid. Primarily developed in developing countries with its humanitarian program Give Back, it is also available for outdoor activities. This water bottle is equipped with its filter so hikers can drink water from torrents, lakes, rivers… even muddy water bodies without risk.

Lou 1 liter Go Life Straw – Price: 56,95€

Rechargeable headlamp

This barely 100 gram lamp can be recharged in several ways. Press the picture

Ideal for returning late on the way or visiting the caves! It weighs only 100 grams, is water resistant and has powerful brightness with multiple beam options The Black Diamond 500-R headlamp is mostly rechargeable and without removable batteries. With its micro-USB charging port, it can easily be recharged not only from a wall socket but also from a car, a portable power source or even a solar panel. Note that in terms of environmental impact, it is better to recycle a lithium-ion battery like this lamp after several years of use than to throw away the battery regularly.

500 R Black Diamond Headlamp. Price: 65€

Multi-function knife, with integrated tick remover

A whistle or a tick puller is already added to the full range. Press the picture

The Savoyard brand of Opinel knives offers a tailor-made model for going out into nature. In addition to its efficient and powerful blade, the Numéro 12 Explore has a whistle to signal itself… and a tick puller. The latter is a safe and effective tool for quickly removing ticks that attach themselves to humans and pets.

Explore Opinel N°12 tick tires. Price: €39.90

Heat box for hot or cold eating

This model maintains the core temperature and avoids any flavor transfer. Press the picture.

This completely airtight double-walled container keeps food at its original temperature and prevents condensation for hours. There’s nothing like a good hot soup to top it off or, conversely, a very fresh tomato salad to enjoy during a picnic break in the sun. The stainless steel prevents any transfer of flavor and the wide opening makes it very practical to dip your fork straight into it!

Food Jar Hydro Flask – 591 ml. Price: 44.95€

The application is well prepared and get your bearings

Whympr adds functionality and tools to prepare your “hiking” to altitude. Press the picture

The mobile app launched in 2017 in “blinds” from Chamonix, Whympr is already a reference in the mountain environment. It is reliable, precise, and combines many features and tools. They allow better preparation of the departure through different suggested routes embellished with up-to-date information, very useful tools like weather forecast, BERA (Avalanche Risk Estimate Bulletin), slope trends etc… and, once there, detailed 3D or Thanks to IGN Topographic Maps to orient you precisely and locate peaks, glaciers and passes.

KEN is a free app in its basic format, with paid services. Price Whympr Premium: 3 months €19.99 – 1 year €29.99;

The beacon will be tracked remotely

A small size (115 x 70 x 12 mm for 88 grams) that makes it essential for your hiking. Press the picture

This beacon in its small dimensions (115 x 70 x 12 mm for 88gr) incorporates a new real-time geo-security and tracking technology that makes it possible to track and identify people very precisely in mountains, including non-access areas. By telephone network! This way your mountain escape can be monitored remotely by your loved ones and in case of an accident, you can alert them by simply pressing the SOS button. Once alerted, emergency services are able to locate K-IP beacons very precisely and very quickly. With autonomous 24 hour activity and more than a month of standby, this concentration of technology is protected from water jets, detectable even under 6 meters of snow and temperature resistant from -20°C to +60°C.

K-IP Beacon. Price: €349 (for 2-year membership with access to Bacon and services).

Basic first aid kit

This very well thought-out kit combines essentials. Press the picture

For treating minor scratches, cuts and other outdoor hazards, this small first aid kit developed by Decathlon’s specialized trekking and hiking team is very practical. The essentials are assembled with about fifteen dressings of various sizes, a crepe band, antiseptic wipes, compresses, suture bands, a pair of scissors, gloves, and soap. We will only add survival blankets to insulate and protect yourself from the cold in the event of instability.

Forclaus-Decathlon Hiking First Aid Kit. Price: €13 + Forclaz survival cover: €3.

Perfect level of heat

This “padded sweater” uses a 100% recycled nylon coating. Press the picture

Light as a feather. Goose down’s natural insulation guarantees both a real supply of warmth, great lightness and great compressibility. Ideal for cooler weather or outings on top breaks, this original “down jacket” can be stored in its small chest pocket. American brand Patagonia, deeply committed to protecting the planet, uses 100% recycled nylon covers made from fishing nets.

Alpine Downlab Patagonia. Price: 250 €

Packable rain jacket

This jacket is guaranteed PFC-free. Press the picture

Essential piece to have in your bag: Waterproof jacket. This is a signature image, a French brand committed to eco-design. Abstral is therefore waterproof and breathable, made of polyester of which 46% is recycled and offers a guaranteed water-resistant treatment without PFCs (perfluorocarbons: this famous pollutant which is also carcinogenic and endocrine disruptor). On the technical side: the seams are fully taped, the fabric is stretchy and the hood is elastic. Practicality: This jacket rolls into its own pocket.

Image Abstral Waterproof Jacket. Price: 160€

Bonus: Hammocks for weightless sleeping

This hypercompressible model weighs only 228 grams and can withstand a load of 150 kg. Press the picture

This object has the power to suspend time and instantly immerses the body and mind swaying there into a vacation. Made by a Frenchman in Bali, Ticket to the Moon makes hammocks that are practical, compact and comfortable. In terms of material, the crumpled nylon fabric used is labeled and high quality, stainless steel hooks and aluminum carabiners make it very easy to fix the hammock around the tree. The lightest model can withstand up to 150 kg, weighs only 228gr and is ultra-compactable: once stored in its bag, it fits in your hand.

Light Hammock from Ticket to The Moon – Price: €69.95

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