A 13-year-old boy accused of raping two girls aged 6 and 7!

This kind of story sounds like a horror movie. Indeed, who would have thought that this young man is capable of the worst? We take stock!

This boy is taking a lot of risk!

Lightning in the city of Nimes! No, you’re not in front of another rerun of an episode Let the accused in. It’s not yet another twist on people like the former presenter of TF1 at 8 pm When the media talks about this tragedy, no one wants to believe it. It is clear, every detail seems to come from a detective novel. Early in the epidemic, this 13-year-old boy assaulted several young girls. For a year, they lived through hell on earth. For now, investigators still have several avenues to explore. objekko Think of the complications, especially with an adult. And contrary to what you might believe, it’s a woman. Please buckle up, we’re entering a zone of chaos!

A whiff of deja vu

These three children knew each other. Five years separated the young executioner from his tiny victims. In fact, two of them were sheltered by the same host family. in its house objekko, it is believed that this information makes the play even cooler. This meant that this boy had the opportunity to control his youngest at any time of the day or night. But what do adults do? Didn’t smell or hear anything?

When a mother listens to her daughter’s testimony, she realizes the scale of the disaster. He went to the nearest police station to file a complaint against this boy. Thanks to the investigation of our colleagues Free lunch, we now know a bit about his detractor’s modus operandi. Objeko warns you. After reading these lines, you will never be the same again! At the base, an afternoon of games and laughter awaited the happy trio. Invited, the little neighbor was not suspicious for a second. Behind the scenes, brother and sister took care to develop a Machiavellian plot. No doubt influenced by his elder, the younger then participated in the attack by preventing his friend from moving while the other watched him.

Who will have the last word?

The worst part of it all is that when the adoptive mother realized what had happened, she didn’t have the presence of mind to pound her fist on the table. On the contrary, he washes the victim to remove all traces of drama. As for the psychological after-effects, he cares little. Terrifyingly high, she would even ask him to keep the boy’s actions a secret. Thankfully, after a while, the truth came out. If Objeko recapitulates, it involves many people who knowingly harbored this pre-adolescent deplorable attitude.

Questioned by the investigators, the boy does not even try to defend himself as he will admit to being the author. On the other hand, the other two denied the information with which they were accused. Alarmed to discover this news, our journalist friends then contacted Jean-Pierre Rosenzweig. Inside the various works of this judge for children from Bobigny on the failure of justice towards minors. Moreover, in the case where we are concerned, one thing is certain. Since he’s only 13, he won’t go to jail. All the lawyer’s work will be in knowing whether he understands the importance of his work or not. In other words, to wash the victim’s honor and put them out of harm’s way, they have to ” Prove that he was aware of the prohibition and committed wrongdoing”..

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