A loved one finally reveals the cause of his stroke

Jane Birkin will always be associated with Serge Gainsbourg. And yet, at age 75, Jane Birkin has her own artistic life. He sings on stage, promotes his daughter’s film, tours… Months after his stroke, someone around him finally reveals the cause of the tragedy. We tell you everything!

Jane Birkin has no time to breathe. Albums, concerts, trips, Charlotte’s mother is growing. Be proud of this recognized singer! But his stroke on August 29 took everyone by surprise. While her fans were waiting for her at the Deauville American Film Festival, her agent said that her health did not allow it. The 74-year-old actress, Suffer a mild form of stroke“, thus explained his family. Jane Birkin therefore had to cancel her appearance at the Deauville American Film Festival. ” He is doing well, so his loved ones want us to respect the rest he needs for his recovery. Jane can’t wait to find her audience “, reports his agent. This is how the news is announced to the public. Why this stroke? How to explain it?

“Jane Birkin Can’t Wait To Find Her Audience”

Last January, Serge Gainsbourg’s ex-wife broke the news to our colleagues at Fême Actuale. ” I usually go there twice a week. In the fall, just before the lockdown, I watched the new Hong Sang So. I wanted to be in his world. I knew almost nothing would happen, but I loved his anecdotes about his characters, cats, chickens…”

After all, Charlotte’s mother said the movie has been her refuge since the death of her eldest daughter, Kate Barry. The photographer actually died in 2013 at the age of 46. ” After Kate died, I went to the movies three times a day with my friend Gabrielle. It was just one job, to enter into other people’s lives. To see things so sad, or so funny, that for a moment our misfortunes fade into the background. Good comedy is so good. At this point, we should repeat Monty Python like Life of Brian. », She actually debuted in the columns of Femme Actuelle.

Jane Birkin struggled to recover from the loss of her eldest daughter. “It took me five years to write about him. Stephen [Daho] Came with the title, these thick walls. One day when I went to the cemetery to put a wild rose on her grave, I tried to tear my hand off and put it in another flower. My hands were bleeding, I sent the picture to Etienne. And that’s how we added the expression “revenge of the wild rose”, “he truly entrusted to Paris-Match magazine.

Finally the real cause of his stroke was known

But according to one of these relatives, this terrible tragedy will not be so much. Jane Birkin will Pushed his body to the limit, at the risk of passing out », actually wrote the cheek. The magazine adopted the words of a member of the singing group held in the columns Paris match December 23. ” Jane is irrational when it comes to taking care of herself. He was never rational… “, so loose this off. Jane Barking has released her latest album, Whoah! Sorry you were sleeping…In 2020. He visited in 2021.

Later, he supported his daughter Charlotte by campaigning Jane by Charlotte. This is his daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg’s first documentary. ” It is clear that this stroke is linked to the stress generated by the tour, by the energy she puts into protecting Charlotte’s film. “, anonymous remains this relative actually continued.

He has a terrible headache

On December 8, Jane Birkin became confident. ” I had a terrible headache during the promotion of Charlotte’s movie. “, he explained on RTL’s microphone. His stroke forced him to cancel several concert dates. It was his daughter Charlotte who then informed her mother. ” I have a message from my mother. I’ve had him before and I know people are worried about him. She is well. I asked him if he wanted to tell me something. He told me that everything was fine and that the Nantes University Hospital was great. “, then announced Charlotte Gainsbourg.

In turn, his manager and agent, Olivier Gluzman, spoke. “Jane is good. She is very serious, a good student and doing really well. She has no sequels. ” The singer recovered from there Mild form of stroke Of which he was a victim. Phew, we’re convinced!

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