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Guillaume Canet has spilled a lot of ink in the press lately. As well as Marion Cotillard. In fact, there are rumors that this iconic couple of French cinema has split up. Without official confirmation from the main interested parties, we are nevertheless forced to note that they no longer appear together. The Cannes Film Festival was a golden opportunity to silence the rumours. But they sure had a chance to see. As Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet kept their distance during the event.

And on May 28, the closing day of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, all eyes turned to the actor and director. He presented the award for female interpretation to a talented actress. its readersobjekko So understand that the press is playing on obfuscation to discuss this matter. Apparently, the underlying subject was none other than the couple of Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet, a couple that is apparently not the same…

Guillaume Canet presented the prize for female interpretation of the Cannes Film Festival

It is a great honor for the actor and director to present such an award at such an event. The Cannes Film Festival is the 7th art exhibition, the most prestigious of all. The event is covered internationally and personalities from all over the world come to present fantastic films. Every year, it is the meeting place for the most important people in the industry. Also, the Cannes Film Festival doesn’t just highlight the biggest budget films. Writers or political films have their place. The whole world does not turn away from such events. And the public, even if they are not very cinephiles, will be able to trust the awards to take an interest in films and cinema professionals whose names rarely resonate.

Indeed, when a film receives such an award, it creates advertising that immediately speaks to potential audiences. Likewise, actors and directors who win awards at the Cannes Film Festival are closely followed by the public. That’s why Guillaume Canet is again creating a flow of ink in the press today, not directly about his work or the situation of his couple with Marion Cotillard. as objekko As I told you above, she got the honor of best female interpretation by an actress. So it was enough to suggest that he was in “very good company”.

Anyway, the name of this actress is Zar Amir Ibrahimi. His talent was rewarded for his performance in the film Holy Spider directed by Ali Abbasi. “This film is about women, about their bodies. It’s hate, hands, feet, breasts, sex is a film impossible to show in Iran. Thanks Ali Abbasi for being so crazy and so generous. I too, thanks to your choice, condemn freedom. », the actress said when she received her award from Guillaume Canet. For that, he is very happy to present this award.

An award show that gets people talking

“A big congratulations to @zaramirebrahimi for this actress award and a big thank you to the Cannes Film Festival for this beautiful evening… Many thanks to Cécile, Laurence, Suzel and Fleur for this perfect organization!!! », wrote Guillaume Canet in the caption of his publication. So there is no doubt that he had an exceptional evening and he did not hide his joy to be part of the closing ceremony of the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

and as its readersobjekko I could see, not a word about his couple. In fact, the fact that he shared the Cannes Film Festival stage with an actress tells us nothing about his personal life. Still, rumors swirled about Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard. For example, they want the actress to leave the father of her children. And the reasons were mainly professional because Marion Cotillard planned to focus on her career in the United States. Not only that, some newspapers speculate that Camille Cotin will be Guillaume Canet’s former campaign. But remember to take all these rumors with a grain of salt. Nothing has been officially announced by the main interested parties yet.

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