Alain Delon afraid to shoot his last film? Patrice Leconte, the director, drops everything

Alain Delon no longer presents himself, he is a pillar of French cinema. An iconic actor, the public holds their breath at his every appearance. Indeed, its readersobjekko They’re not the only ones hoping to see Alain Delon star in his latest film. But the idea, which he mentioned himself in 2016, no longer seems to be on the agenda. And it is with great admiration and respect that director Patrice Leconte, also his friend, spoke about it on RFM’s airwaves. This February 20, Alain Delon had a surprise for his fans. And he may have ended a six-year wait. Still, it’s impossible to blame his choices on such an actor. With his 86-year-old peak and his illustrious career, he has virtually no education. Back with the ‘last picture’ of this holy monster of cinema.

Alain Delon spoke of a dream he had, a project that might not see the light of day

It is conceivable that it is the pursuit of happiness that is more important than happiness itself. Just imagine as much as possible that allows the dream to hope. Making a dream come true, however wonderful it may be, is ultimately a source of questioning or sadness. And perhaps for all these reasons Alain Delon had a dream that he would no doubt decide not to realize. Indeed, our colleagues from the magazine here An intervention by the famous director Patrice Leconte highlights. And he said, on RFM’s airwaves, that his project was to be carried out “The Last Movie” With Alain Delon will undoubtedly remain a dead letter. However, this project was really close to the actor’s heart. He even mentioned the idea, on the set of Laurent Delahaus, in October 2016.

On the set of his special 8pm news, Saturday night 8:30 p.m And 8:30pm on Sunday, in France 2, Laurent Delahaus got the famous Alain Delon and director Patrice Leconte at the same time. Then they were invited on the occasion of release “The Delon Encyclopedia”, a book written by Patrice Leconte and Guillaume Evin that retraces the great journey of the actor’s career through 80 photographs. A personal look is reflected in this encyclopedia. A look that could only recall the friendship shared by Patrice Leconte and Alain Delon. And precisely, on the set in front of the cameras of France 2, the two men decided that they were going to work on a film together.

Alain Delon told Laurent Delahaus that his career was coming to an end. But he still had one dream to fulfill, to make one last film with Patrice Leconte. Surprised but happy at the announcement, the director took him at his word. And so he was very keen to ensure that the actor’s wish was granted. but objekko Told you, this dream could hold eternal hope for Alain Delon.

The star’s last film clashed with superstitions

When asked about this on RFM’s airwaves, Patrice Leconte took a step back. Indeed, he could not ignore the impatience of the public and the success that would accompany the last film starring Alain Delon. Also, she does not hide the fact that she is working with the actor on the project. The script involved Jérôme Tonare, who worked with Patrice Leconte migrate. The film was supposed to be called empty house and the screenplay was sent to Alain Delon. Also, the actor loved it. Even he was in a hurry to start filming.

But what Patrice Leconte adds will challenge public enthusiasm. As he explained that due to various problems “health” But also “from production”, this film may not see the light of day. And he’s a philosopher at that. Because, obviously, he knows the famous actor well. According to him, considering making a “last film” is too heavy for his friend’s shoulders. objekko Do not hide from yourself that it can be like superstition. But it is impossible to judge someone in matters of faith. Then he said: “I think Delon, with all my friendship and admiration for him, announcing his latest film is a lot like he’s going to shoot it and then die. » Finally, if Alain Delon’s latest film isn’t made and that means he’s going to enjoy his beloved as long as possible, we can only rejoice at the end.

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