Alec Baldwin, hysterical, helpless, after the drama, he makes a radical decision and comforts Halina Hutchins’ husband.

Alec Baldwin is a famous American actor. From his height of 63 years, he has a career of almost 40 years behind him. And never, until this tragic day on Thursday, October 21, 2021, did a role put him in the position of the real killer. In fact, Baldwin was brought in to handle firearms during various shootings. but objekko Wants to imagine it will be the last time. Because he risked carrying with him, and for the rest of his life, the crime of accidentally killing one of his colleagues.

Press articles have multiplied since Thursday, October 21 to detail the facts. Alec Baldwin had no idea that the gun in his hand was loaded with live ammunition. Source news, expression Dr “Coldgun”, “cold weapons”, were used. which indicates that blanks were used. It is therefore possible that remnants of live ammunition were trapped in the gun and ejected through the blanks. However, neither the director nor the director of photography should have been in the line of sight of this weapon. Unfortunately this is what happened. And if Joel Souza gets out of it, objekko Sorry to everyone that Halina Hutchins didn’t get this opportunity.

The press also underlines with difficulty how Alec Baldwin realizes that he has just done the irreparable. In fact, it shocked all the members of the film’s crew. But Alec Baldwin would have been Hysterical And intolerable » For long hours and in his place, one could not stand still. Especially since the deceased is survived by her husband and their 9-year-old son.

Alec Baldwin is desperate to take the life of his worst, Halina Hutchins

Alec Baldwin decided to break the silence on social networks the day after the tragedy. An investigation is underway to find out how safe the shooting of this film is (the rust) was flawed. In fact, there will be rumors that technicians are absent. And the man in charge of arms was a novice. But that’s not what Alec Baldwin was talking about. In fact, he wanted above all to ensure that he was cooperating with the police in the field. But also to share his shock and his pain. He also claimed to have contacted the husband and son of his late co-worker. Internet users were really suspicious that Alec Baldwin had remained silent for so long. But this drama is a real trauma for her, as it is for relatives and family of Halina Hutchins.

American media eg Mail online So talk about the emotional shock that Alec Baldwin realized he was shooting live ammunition. According to our colleagues, the actor was “Hysterical and absolutely uncomfortable for hours”. They also said that he was going to stop his future plans “Take time for her and focus on yourself”, not knowing if and when he will return to work. and from our colleagues pure man Even added that a source would confide Alec Baldwin’s feelings to the press. “It was very devastating. This is how he copes with difficult times. When something bad happens, in the short term, it goes out of the public eye. »we can read

A message that testifies to the good faith of the actor

But as you can see from Alec Baldwin’s Twitter posts, the actor may be stepping away from the limelight, but he’s not going to distance himself from everyone. In fact, she decides to help her accident victim husband and son as much as possible. objekko Also various media outlets can tell you that they’ve been spotted together, and sources confirm that Alec Baldwin is particularly cozy.

“There are no words to express my shock and sorrow at the tragic accident that claimed the life of a deeply admired wife, mother and colleague Halina Hutchins. I am fully cooperating with investigators to determine how this tragedy occurred. »

“I am in touch with her husband, offering my support to him and his family. My heart breaks for her husband, their son and everyone who knew and loved Halina. »

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