Ann Marvin Admits About Her Relationship With Danny Boone, Actress Reveals Everything!

Are Ann Marvin and Danny Boone dating outside of their personal projects? That’s what curious internet users are trying to find out. The beautiful actress wanted to answer them. The Objeko team reveals everything in this article!

Anne Marivin: The Revelation of Chattis

Ann Marivin went from a minor movie role to a highly sought-after lead role overnight! Originally from Oise, he moved to the capital to follow the Course Florentine course with Isabel Nanty. From the early 2000s, we could start seeing him in a lot of small roles in big films.

Among other things, he was in the casting of AH! If I Was Rich by Michel Munz and Gerard Beaton, My Idol by Guillaume Canet, Podium by Ian Moix, or Lend Me Your Hand by Eric Lartigau. Despite his small roles, he played for great directors, and was seen by a certain Danny Boon. The actor is looking for an actress to play the central role of Annabelle Deknink. Ann Marvin won the role, and her career took off completely. Since 2008, his roles have followed each other at a breathtaking pace. He reunited with Yann Moix for the movie and Guillaume Canet in the excellent Les Petits Mouchours.

Anne Marivin stars again in Raid Dingoe directed by Danny Boon. Most recently, she was noted for portraying star agent Alice Formain in the cult series Ten Percent. Leonard and Andrea’s mother is not ready to give up her place, on the big screen and on television!

Danny Boone: Comic Superstar

Do we have to introduce Danny Boone yet? From his real name Daniel Farid Hamidou, he comes from an Algerian father and a Chestnut mother. Since the 1990s, he has been a true one-man-show star. After years of appearances on stage and in films, he was canonized in 2008. This lover of her origins wrote and directed Bienvenue Chez Les Chattis, in which she played Anne Marivin. The film became a huge and completely unexpected success. It even surpassed the number of admissions at La Grande Vaudreuil, which we thought was unbeatable!

Since the success of Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, the doors of cinema were wide open for him. He is the highest paid actor in French and European cinema! He has directed several successful films: Nothing to Declare, Superchondriac, Raid Dingo (with actress Anne Marivin), La Chatie Famille, and this year 8 rue de l’humanité. Danny Boon is preparing a new film for us next year, called Le Palmier. And again, we only tell you about his career as a director, without even mentioning the many films he produces and is an actor in! While he now resides mainly in the United States, Danny Boon will forever be a bust for the French.

Ann Marivin: Her relationship with Danny Boone

Ann Marivin is in a relationship with Joachim Ronsin. The graphic designer became famous by creating the J Swiss Charlie slogan the day after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. She had two children with the handsome man, Leonard and Andrea. Danny Boon has been in a relationship with actress and comedian Lawrence Arn since 2018, after being married to Yael Harris for 15 years and before that to Judith Godrech.

Each on their own, they create beautiful, healthy and stable relationships. There is no question of seeing them fooling around together! In fact, according to Ann Marivin, they won’t even be that close! The actress opened up to our colleagues from Figaro about this: “With Danny, we are not friends, meaning we don’t call each other once a week” However, he readily admits that Chatty had a great impact on his career.

He continued: “But, anyway, my fate is linked with his fate. We’ve been through so much together, and I’m always so happy to see him, to cross paths with him. What’s great with Danny is that even though I haven’t seen him in two years, when we see each other again, the connection is immediate.” Playing in the greatest hits of French cinema necessarily creates close bonds! Let’s hope to find Ann Marvin and Danny Boone on screen together in future projects!

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