Corinne Masiero (Captain Marleau) and Kev Adams are grieving, devastated by the death of a loved one.

Corinne Masiero is a television star thanks to her role as an actress in a well-known French series. But recently, he suffered a bereavement, and wanted to pay tribute to a loved one. Kev Adams also paid tribute to this man!

Popular actress Corinne Masiero!

It’s a name that may sound foreign to many, but familiar to others.

effective, Corinne Massiero An actress who got success for her roles in fairly old series. But who have managed to gather millions of viewers over the years.

Thus, he is known for playing the lead character in the series Captain MarleauWhich is a fairly old, but very popular series.

The latter notably played in many series which became very successful. In particular, she received several awards for her various roles, which released the young woman addicted to drugs and alcohol within her.

Thus, Corinne Masiero was nominated for a César for Best Actress for her role Lewis Wimmer. Becoming one of the revelations of French cinema at the age of 47 thanks to this role, he also worked on other projects.

thus allowing him to introduce himself to a wide variety of audiences and advance his notoriety.

Corinne Masiero mourns!

But it looks like something serious happened to actress Corinne Masiero’s team.

In fact, although the latter has a great career and remarkable success, recently a tragic incident happened in his team.

Thus he lost a very close friend at the age of 66. This person is none other than Marian Garcia, who is an actress who is also known for her various roles.

He acted in the film retirement homewhich was successful in French cinema.

After this news, Corinne Masiero wanted to pay tribute to him on social networks. In order to bring visibility to this actress with a great career. But he must be able to send a public message, which made it possible to inform his customers.

The statement announcing his death said: For those of you who met her, you know her big heart and her smile. Don’t hesitate to participate in this kitty at the height of your means. You can accompany your donation with a message or an anecdote. Let us warm our hearts with the light of sweet memories shared with him

A pot is opened in his memory, and Corinne Masiero relays this information.

But he specifically knew the actress, since the latter acted in the film invisible. The film, personally directed by Corinne Masiero, allows them to connect the bond of friendship and find a certain complexity.

Marian García’s funeral will take place on Saturday, April 23, 2022 at 12:30 p.m. at the Vatrelos Crematorium in Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

Kev Adams also paid tribute to him!

The latter knew the actress, just as Corinne Masiero during the filming of a film.

In fact, he is the title of the film retirement home And there is this actress. As they shared their daily lives for long weeks, a friendship and a certain closeness developed.

The latter wanted to pay tribute to him by significantly specifying the following points: ” A great actress has left us, Marian Garcia was an extraordinary woman and actress, with an unusual and inspiring story, who bravely fought against this nasty cancer already during the filming of Retirement Home. He wowed us in Les Invisibles and made us cry with laughter as Leontine. I know how proud he was of that movie. I will never forget his kindness, his humor and his courage. It was an honor to know you Marian and I will never forget your valuable advice. Farewell Leontine. Goodbye Marian. rest in peace

A moving tribute to the latter and to Corinne Masiero who will surely attend the funeral!

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