Delon clan in mourning

Anthony Delon has been going through a tough few weeks. In fact, he has had to face grief since the beginning of the year. As a reminder, he already lost his mother more than a year ago in January 2021. Today, he has to overcome the pain of another loss to his loved ones. He announced the news on his account Instagram. We will tell you who it is.

Anthony Delon, two deaths in one year…

Anthony Delon was born under a lucky star, it’s clear. Still, carrying the Delon name every day and having a father who is a living legend in the film world can’t be easy. Furthermore, his parents separated when he was very young. Thus, he showed his anger by being a very rebellious, unruly and disruptive child. He goes from boarding school to boarding school to get educated the hard way, but nothing works. For example, in 1983, he was arrested with stolen *rm from the police…

His film career

He would make his film debut in 1986 thorn in the heart. next, Chronicle of a Pronounced Death, in Italy. If you think correctly, he even acted If the truth lies!In 1997. And he was in its cast polish In 2011. While the reviews are positive, Anthony Delon can’t top his amazing father.

For a period of his life, in the 2000s, we hear nothing more about Anthony Delon. It was in the US and it took a while to get back. In fact, the actor had many concerns. On the personal side, he had two children with Sophie Clerico. Her autobiography, published in 2008, revealed that she had a hidden third child. In fact, Anthony Delon got a Crazy Horse dancer pregnant and Alison Le Borges was born in 1986. He then had a brief romance with Sveva Alviti. The couple announced their engagement in 2020, but separated in 2021.

A sad loss for Anthony Delon

It was on January 21, 2021 that Anthony Delon’s followers learned the bad news. In fact, his mother died: “My mother passed away today at 11am in Paris surrounded by her loved ones. He quickly died of cancer. », said the actor. The woman passed away at the age of 79. We called her Nathalie Delon, but her real name was Francine Canovas. She was married to Alain Delon for five years from 1964 to 1969. Moreover, as a reminder, she was the only woman the Holy Demon ever married. We think Alain Delon was devastated to lose it at the time.

Just a year after losing his mother, Anthony Delon must once again be separated from a loved one. On Tuesday March 8, on his Instagram account, the actor announced the death of longtime friend, lawyer Dominique Warluzel. ” My Dominic, you were a brilliant lawyer with extraordinary intelligence and talent, but above all, you were my friend. Life has not spared you, you have fought like a lion for many years and today it is over, you must be relieved. Me too, because I know that where you are, you have finally found peace. I will miss you a lot. »We can read below the picture.

A famous man from Switzerland

Dominik Warluzel is a very famous person among our Swiss neighbors, as he was also a television presenter. He was 64 years old and suffered a stroke in 2013, which left him paralyzed. From that year onwards his health deteriorated. The lawyer blocked the passage to the hospital. In fact, despite physical and mental rehabilitation, the lawyer was again paralyzed after a heavy fall.

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