Discover which movie villain lies within you

This original personality test invites you to answer a few questions to determine which movie villain suits you best. As fun as it is educational, this experience will only take you a few minutes to complete. Play the game and answer all the questions asked honestly. Then, gathering your results, you can refer to the passage that concerns you. In the end will tell you which movie villain! objekko Rest assured that this personality test is worth a spin. And these are our colleagues from the online magazine daily Thanks for this fun activity.

Personality Test: Which Movie Villain Best Represents You?

In the span of five questions, you’ll be able to boast the result that you look like three movie villains. And want to tell you that they all have reasons to shake your loved ones. as objekko As I told you above, we all have a dark side. We’re not necessarily proud of it, but it can be useful to clearly identify it. Indeed, it can help us understand our reactions when they are expressed under the influence of anger or frustration, for example. Because not all villains are evil. This is why movies make the line big and it will be fun to know which movie villains are lurking among us. To take the personality test, answer the following 5 questions as honestly as possible. And count a), b) and c) how many answers you got in total.

1) Has your best friend, or best friends, ever played a huge joke on you?

A) Yes and it didn’t make me laugh. We almost stopped being friends.

b) Yes and I was hilarious. It was a big joke but we have the same sense of humor.

c) Never! If it is my friend, he does not know the risk.

2) It’s your better half’s birthday but an important work meeting is being held at the same time as your date. What do you decide?

a) You canceled the meeting.

b) You try to do both, warning your significant other that you might be late.

c) You cancel your head to head.

3) Your manager needs a presentation in English in front of the entire team. But you are far from bilingual. How did you react?

A) You refused this responsibility, it is impossible to be funny in front of so many people.

b) You try everything for everything, hiding your obvious flaws as much as possible.

c) You choose for accelerated learning!

4) You get a cell phone for your birthday. But it’s not what you dreamed. what are you doing

A) You hide your disappointment and accept the gift, which is already a very nice gesture.

b) You are happy with this attention but admit that another model was paying you attention.

c) You crash the party, admitting you don’t like the present at all.

5) You are late for a very important appointment. How did you react?

a) You are in no hurry. Even if it means a delay, you can still revise your entry.

b) You are in a hurry! Even if it means wearing mismatched socks or forgetting to do your hair.

c) You will inform you of your delay and postpone your appointment slightly.

That villain within you

If the personality test answers indicate that you have the most of one), your movie villain is The Joker! Spontaneous, even unexpected, you’re not the type to let things go. When anger or frustration overwhelms you, you no longer have any qualms about hurting others.

If the answers to the personality test indicate that you have the most B’s, your movie villain is Cruella De Vil! Manipulative and arrogant, your bad side can scare more than one. Especially since anger may not show on your face immediately. You have a cold anger and in this sense, your revenge may take time…

If the answers to the personality test indicate that you have a maximum of C), your movie villain is Darth Vader! React to this great villain star wars Disappearing behind his big black helmet. On the other hand, your enemies realize very quickly that they must not come your way!

Our colleagues from the online magazine daily And objekko Hope you had a good time with this personality test. There’s more to keep you entertained!

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