His secret romance with Michèle Laroque turned his life upside down

Olivier Marchal is one of the biggest names in French crime cinema. Did you know, however, that he owes a large part of his career to actress Michelle LaRocque? And that two had a love affair? The Objeko team invites you to discover everything about this hidden romance illuminated by the master of thrillers.

Michèle Laroque and Olivier Marchal: A Providential Encounter

Nowadays, who does not know Michèle Laroque, or Olivier Marchal? But there was a time when both were unknown to the general public! Objeko has better for you. Imagine that these two big names of French culture were together in their youth! And yes, without this meeting, Olivier Marchal might be a police officer today!

In the early 1980s, Olivier Marchal was still working in law enforcement. For Michèle Laroque, she was still in her infancy with her first play, Save the Baby Women. The talented actor and director described their meeting as part of the Je t’aime etc. program broadcast on France 2:

I met him, I was a cop in the counter-terrorism department, and we went to a lot of clubs with my group. And I met an architect from Nice who was having a party at his house, and because he’s from Nice, he was at the party, he remembers. But he started in Paris, he was in Blancs-Manteux, he was doing a show called Saving Baby Women. I wasn’t in the theater yet, we had a little crush.

Their romance continued, and Olivier Marchal began to feel that an artistic fiber had grown in him. Finally, Michèle Laroque found the words to drown him: “He told me: ‘If you want to be an actor, you have to try’. He was the one who forced me to rehearse my audition.” And that’s how his career began. Their love story, however, ended shortly after. Olivier Marchal has been married to Catherine Queneau since 1995, and since 2008, Michel Laroque has been partnered with François Barouin.

Olivier Marchal: An important figure in French cinema

After meeting Michèle Laroque, Olivier Marchal had a brilliant career. After small roles, this ex-policeman found a recurring role in the police series Kwai No. 1, which allowed him to land the lead role in M6’s Police District series.

Very quickly, the actor writes his own script. These are definitely thrillers. He directed his first film, Gangsters, which allowed him to obtain a substantial budget for his masterpiece 36 quai des orfèvres, in which he directed Gérard Depardieu and Daniel Auteuil.

In parallel with his career as a director, which was just beginning, Olivier Marchal continued to play roles in large-scale productions, such as Guillaume Canet’s Tell No One.

He has come back with several phenomenally successful projects. First, the Braco series from Canal + and the excellent film Les Lyonnais. Over the past decade, he has gradually moved out of his comfort zone. By opening comedies and dramatic comedies. We hope his career will be long and fruitful!

Michèle Laroque: A Monument of French Comedy

In this meeting between Michèle Laroque and Olivier Marchal, the great lady of French comedy also found her account! The two collaborators and ex-lovers have followed very different paths, but just as glorious.

During her meeting with Olivier Marchal, the actress was just getting started. After a terrible road accident that left him bedridden for two years, he went to the theater and went on stage for the first time.

His career also mainly focused on theatre. We especially remember his incredible show in a duet with Pierre Palmad, they loved each other, as well as their suits.

Michèle Laroque is also a great film actress. We especially remember her role in Pédale Douce, which won her a César for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. He has since appeared in over thirty films, often popular comedies. He has two films on the bill this year. We will find him with great joy in Joyous Retre! 2, as well as Belle and Sébastien: The New Generation, we can’t wait to see it! And why not collaborate with Olivier Marchal in a serious film?

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