“I was very lucky”

Catherine Deneuve, a seventy-year-old actress, accepted the invitation of Yann Barthes along with her colleague Benoit Magimel. Both came to promote their new film called Emmanuel Bercot During his lifetime. This realization was not easy for the actress, because she had a stroke before and after the shooting. He tells us about this terrifying adventure as well as his plans for the rest of his career in cinema.

Catherine Deneuve, big comeback!

People will be delighted to see Catherine Deneuve again in a new film by Emmanuelle Bercot. During his lifetime. We have already seen the actress and picked up her feature film at the last Cannes Film Festival. On the Jan Barthes set, he made his first public television appearance after the terrible stroke he suffered. In fact, on November 5, 2019, Catherine Deneuve celebrated her seventieth birthday. He had just managed to stay in a hospital in Paris after suffering a stroke. As a result, the filming of the film in which she is acting had to be paused. All his relatives assured the media that he had an ischemic vascular accident,” Very limited and therefore counterproductive“His family, as well as his agent, said he was lucky. In fact, he had no neurological sequelae and did not suffer. “No motor deficits”. Still, the shooting of the film had to be stopped for about eight months. A stroke at his age is not trivial, so his recovery has been longer than those close to him imagined. Regardless, she seems out of trouble and it’s fun to watch! Despite this accident of life you will be able to find him in his new creation.

“I was very lucky”

The feature film in which Catherine Deneuve played provokes a rather serious and serious topic. In fact, it tells about the illness of a young boy and the suffering of his mother. The actress continued by explaining that she has seen many doctors in recent months. Ian Barthes, host dailyAsk about him Its love at first sight ». In fact, he named his stroke with this rather positive term. “It’s like something is hitting you hard.”He explains what makes the link with this expresswe are “What’s for sure is that it’s a violent thing and I had a great opportunity because it was violent, fast and short, because it was a day when we were shooting at the hospital.”, he remembers. She holds back her tears and her pain and continues: Me, I had a very little mess and then here it is. So I was very lucky, it was something that ended up being pretty mild, with painful consequences, but pretty mild.”, she assures. You never know when you’re going to have a stroke, but you can tell a star was watching over him that day. Because he was in the right place for treatment. A chance!

He will continue to do so Two films a year »

Even if the news is reassuring, will Catherine Deneuve take a break from her career? After such an accident, will he protect himself? Looks like he will continue shooting at the same pace as before. His work is his life, he does not limit himself in any way. Host Ian Barthes asked him about his big return to cinema. Catherine Deneuve replied: “Yes, it is true that now the film is over. I say to myself: What am I going to do?, I don’t know, it’s something... It is not clear, but let’s say that things have not been decided yet. Of course, I want to go back.” he replied. When asked about the rest of his career, he is rather motivated and assured to continue his momentum: ” But wrong as before. This is because I, when I protect them, people see me a lot. I go to the movies. I follow them. But I do two films a year. Yes, maybe I will do it again! », Underline cinema icon. It exits or doubles. Either such an accident stops you, it encourages you. We understand that Catherine Deneuve chose the second option: “It would have stopped me, but I’m not determined to stop, no, no”He confirmed.

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