Muriel Robin reveals role in cult film she bitterly regrets…

Muriel Robin no longer presents herself! He is one of the most famous comedians of his generation, and especially one of the funniest. But his dream wasn’t necessarily to make the masses laugh. In fact, she loved to be an actress and play big roles on the movie screen. However, he has not been offered a role for nearly 30 years, he said. During his interview Dr Tele-retirementLed by Jordan de Luxe, Muriel Robin has an interpretation that could provoke a public reaction. According to him, this is an obvious fact that remains in the world of cinema. But beware, the idea of ​​Muriel Robin denying her 30-year love affair with the public as a comedian.

Then the star again expresses his thoughts, often so paradoxically. Because, for example, if she makes the public laugh when she’s on stage, Muriel Robin doesn’t. He considers his profession as a comedian to be above all a job. So maybe if he could fulfill his dream of making a career in cinema, his expenses would be less? objekko Here are some details from his recent interview.

Muriel Robin: Acclaimed comical, edgy actress

Those who follow and admire Muriel Robin have been able to get some insight into her personality. In fact, when we are fans, we follow our favorite star through his interviews and we analyze his speeches. Everyone wants to know a little more about who he is outside his professional mask. For fans of Muriel Robin, it’s easy to see that she’s a particularly intelligent person. Serious, industrious and above all questioning, Muriel Robin analyzed her environment extensively. No doubt this is what allows him to write such brilliant sketches as he does. Also, he is very critical and particular about what he does or says. Another paradox since artists of his caliber have every reason to develop a strong ego.

But Muriel Robin apparently had a very hard education. So it is difficult for him to accept that work can be a game. However, it attracted him at a very young age. In 1997, Muriel Robin was 22 years old. He left Saint-Étienne to settle in Paris and followed Florentine courses, preparing for the entrance exam to the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art. He received first in the competition and for 3 years, he was at the top until the conservatory won. objekko Grant you, and Muriel Robin herself admits, her dream is to make movies. She then did theater for 10 years before meeting Pierre Palmad in 1988 and trying her hand at one-woman shows.

After almost 10 years again, in 2000, Muriel Robin announced to her audience that she wanted to make films and leave her career as a comedian to devote herself as an actress. Till 2016, he was able to play a few roles but probably never dreamed of them. And above all, not a role that assumes she could be a film actress, strictly speaking. Especially since he really sheds his status as a comedian. But, always very critical of herself, Muriel Robin feels that it is a parameter in her personal life that has put a spoke in her wheel.

Confidence is the challenge

According to him, he should never have come out. Admitting that she was a woman who loved women would have deprived Muriel Robin of film offers. In his interview for Tele-retirement, it’s official. It will be then “Because if we say we don’t act. The proof of this is that I haven’t taken a picture in thirty years.she said. “We don’t tell you but it happened to me last month, it’s obvious: how do you explain that no one has seen me in the cinema in thirty years? How do you explain it? »Muriel Robin added.

“I missed the job I wanted to do. (…) The biggest sadness of my life. »He then confides in Jordan de Luxe. objekko Granted, she still played Beatrice de Montmireil in the cult film that is the second part of the saga. audience. But it’s a role he regrets. “I shouldn’t have done it. Already when you’re not elected, it’s not terrible, but being elected second… I did it anyway because Valerie Lemercier didn’t want to do it, but I’m not second. It’s not very good for his ego. (…) I wasn’t happy and therefore I wasn’t very funny and I wasn’t very good either. »Muriel Robin added.

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