The disease he is suffering from is finally revealed!

It seems so long ago when Celine Dion was on a world tour! Stuck at home, we’ll tell you all about his ordeal!

Will Celine Dion recover?

How old do you think this video is? Dear Objeco readers, the beautiful Celine Dion sings her legendary song to us in early March 2020. All by me. Even if it’s a cover of Eric Carmen’s hit, his lyrics are more relevant than ever. It’s not clear if it was during the death of her mentor René Angélil, but the Canadian diva is just a shadow of herself. Its weight should not exceed fifty kilos. Also, on her face in exhaustion, the efforts of her make-up artists can no longer hide the disaster. Moreover, just before and during the imprisonment, he guaranteed us that the reunion would be great. No one can throw stones at him. He too had to cling to this vain hope…before his strength left him for good!

Disturbing rumours

In the press, we only talk about it. But it’s on social media that fans are debating the most. First, those who still have very low hopes for 2023. On the other hand, opponents spend their time investigating and gathering clues. Crazy accusations are on Instagram. Anorexia in the induction of dementia and autoimmune disease, In objekko, we stop calculating this mind-blowing theory. Until we hear the truth from an official’s mouth, we refuse to believe that his career is over.

Forced to respond, her sister Claudette finally spoke. remember A few years ago, she participated in a reality TV show in France. So Celine Dion is the best known of the siblings. Shocked by what he had read and heard, he began by knocking out Valérie Lemercier’s film. Then, questioned by Julie Snyder, she uncovers the consequences of menopause as well as these famous muscle spasms. Suspicious, the first admirers continued their investigation. Who will say the final? In recent hours, our colleagues at Le Parisien have thrown a stone into the pond!

Here is the fragmented verdict of the health authorities

Let’s be sure. According to the opinion of all experts who have the opportunity to hide it, Celine Dion “NI do not suffer from cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. » DThis fact, famous stories of paranoia should now be scratched from the blackboard projections. Even if he never spoke about it, except to his close guard, the singer ” Long term digestive problems and resulting in muscle spasms but also weight loss. »

At first everyone blamed Pepe Munoz. Remember, this choreographer taught her to love dance. And to achieve a result, he ordered her to reconsider her schedule and the contents of her plate. Apparently, the demanding rhythm of this sports activity was not compatible with his pathology. In original clothes he designed and made for her “Which isn’t already thick, it shows. »

Before she locked herself in her residence, Celine Dion’s every outing generated controversy. He doesn’t have a millimeter of fat left and just skin on his bones. This observation alarmed his fans. How will he get over it without shedding more feathers? Our colleagues at Le Parisienne are trying to allay our concerns. ” This disease is not serious, it does not require operation but requires long treatment and strict diet” Fingers crossed for a return to the stage soon. Until then, we can still listen to his greatest hits with the necessary nostalgia. In the column of Sunday newspaperEven his colleague Jean-Jacques Goldman recently admitted that if he called him, he would be the only one who would not hesitate to return to the spotlight. Long live the sequel!

Thanks to our colleagues from Le Parisien newspaper

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