Thierry Lermitt talks about his health and this dark period in his life, “I couldn’t take it anymore…”

He is an actor whom we all know for the various aspects of his career. In fact, he is known to have acted in great French films. But Thierry Lermitte’s health seems to be playing tricks on him recently and he has confirmed this aspect.

Thierry Larmit, the success of the French!

Few actors manage to write their name in history, especially when they make great films or great roles.

Sometimes it happens that we remember very well-known actors and some go by the wayside. But Thierry Larmit is a name known to all French people..

In fact, the latter is known to have played roles in very successful films. He has notably acted in films like Trilogy bronzeés, as well An Indian in townor, Cons dinner.

A great success that introduced the actor to millions of French people. And he had an exceptional career, which allowed him to enjoy this notoriety.

But it seems that some aspects of his life are quite fragile. Just like his health, which has been playing tricks on him lately. And so he is confident in this very characteristic and quite intimate aspect.

Thierry Lermitt reports on his health!

This is an aspect that many people don’t really dare to talk about. Especially when they are known by millions of French people, or when they are quite discreet about it.

But Thierry Lhermitte seems to have passed the milestone of this detail. In fact, he wanted to clarify the weak aspects of his health, which experienced significant ups and downs.

In fact, the actor, who is celebrating his 70th birthday, has opened up about a darker side of his life. And it’s thanks to Eric Dussart that he talked about it, since he’s currently in full promotion for Audrey Dana’s next film, Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, he said he was there too.

You should know that being an actor and having such notoriety is real stressful. Some manage it well, while others seem to fail to manage it.

In particular, he mentioned the following: I couldn’t take it anymore, I was going crazy” Thierry Laermit wanted to make it even more clear that it was a depression that turned into a real burnout.

In particular, he wanted to explain how the latter appeared, highlighting the following points: ” It has to be a buildup. No one really knows, this is the drop that broke the camel’s back, before there were many drops and then one day, it overflowed, what more!

A tough situation to handle for the latter, who couldn’t really get their heads above water. And it must be said that depression is a silent illness, that when it starts, it is already well established.

Cure depression?

Like all diseases it can be cured if proper advice is followed. And especially advice that comes from enough people who know about the subject.

Thus, to cure depression, it usually takes time, as well as more or less stimulating remedies.

For his part, Thierry Lermit seems to have succeeded in overcoming this disease by following some advice: I took the right medicine, talked to the right people. This is especially true when I found the right medication, where it went away very quickly, in just a few days

And it looks like he will be able to overcome his demons and be in the movies soon! We’ll soon find him on the big screen in Men’s Depression and surrounded by a prestigious cast: Ramzy Bédia, François-Javier Demaison and even Marina Hands shared posters with him.

One way may be to face from another angle what he already knows. And be able to play down all these aspects!

So, Thierry Lhermitt will be able to appear on the big screen again, Interpreting a role that he knows quite well can have a real impact on his outlook on things.

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