Legignon-Corbières: Flamenco evening at Espace Gibert

Festival Lorenzo Ruiz’s company returns to the Espace Gibert stage with the show “Alma Flamenca” as part of the cultural association’s summer festival.

It is a tradition at Espace Guibert to offer a flamenco show every summer. A tradition that finds its origins more than twenty years ago when the cultural association staged its summer concerts in the old winegrowers’ backyards. Deprived of its festival in the summer of 2020 due to Covid 19, the group then resumed its good habits and organized 22 last year.e Its concert version with health pass. This year, for his 23rde During the season, the structure reduced the flock slightly by offering one concert every two weeks instead of one concert per week.

A festival recognized in the territory

The rest of Thursday evening. We do not change a winning formula and is well known by the local public, which remains loyal and in numbers. Visitors to the region, from the city and surrounding villages, are happy to mingle with the tourists, always enjoying cultural entertainment during their stay. After Doña Ana Samba, then a concert around the Brazilian rhythms of the Bergin 4Tet group between jazz and French songs, it is now the turn of Flamenco to debut at the beginning of August.

A show that lives from within

Alma Flamenca A show where all the elements come together for the passion of conducting flamenco. Lorenzo Ruiz, dancer, singer and artistic director of his own company, is a regular at Maison Guibert. He has been performing there with his troupe for many years, channeling his passion and his joy in dancing a game of complexity between his musicians and his audience. Alongside her, dancer Serena de Sousa deftly explores flamenco culture amid sensuality and panache. For composers and singers, they put their talent in the service of authenticity by vibrating the guitar strings and their vocal chords. Undoubtedly, the five artistes of the company will once again be able to take the audience into a universe full of their energy and subtlety.

Lorenzo Ruiz, worthy inheritor of an authentic and hypnotic culture.
Jack Montero-

Serena de Sousa, an artist between charm and austerity.

Serena de Sousa, an artist between charm and austerity.
Gael Gwent –

About the artists

from Granada, Lorenzo Ruiz Son of famous cantor Pepe de Granada and brother of dancer Violeta Ruiz. He took his first steps on stage at the age of 3 and after starting training in his hometown, he perfected his knowledge of flamenco with great names such as Mario Maya, Beatriz Martin, José Galban, Joaquin Grillo… At 13, he joined the famous guitarist Carlos Jarrett. participated in the album, which would launch his career. Settling in France at the age of 16, he performed with famous flamenco personalities: Carmen Albanese, Lucia Garrido, La Joselito… He then increased the number of trips to the four corners of the world to discover new musical styles.

Passionate about Flamenco since childhood, Serena De Sousa Trained with La Morita for 12 years and performed in many of its shows since 2006. At the same time, he followed intensive courses with big names in flamenco: Faruquito, Javier Latorre, Mercedes Ruiz. In 2012 he enriched his technique at the “Amor de Dios” school (Madrid) and worked with Pepa Molina, Guadalupe Torres, Inmaculada Ortega… Back in France he taught flamenco, continued to perform and “show” with his sidekick Lola Navarro. Produced by Dulce de Leche”. He regularly participates in the Sia Lorenzo Ruiz Show.

This Thursday, August 4 at 9:30pm at 24 Boulevard Marques-Dormoy (€5). Please note that the exhibition of paintings by John Mitchell and Dada Patrick is still on view until Friday 12 August during the opening hours of Espace Gibert (Tuesday 2 to 6 p.m., Wed and Thursday 9 to 12 p.m. and 2 to 6 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.). Swing 5Tate for Thursday Gramozazz next summer (August 18 at 9:30 p.m., free).

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