It is this family tragedy that allows him to hold on while shooting films about his father

Frank Dubosk waited years before deciding to speak publicly about such a personal story. Actually in the movie The last part, which will air on TF1 on November 8 at 9:05 p.m., will cover the last days of her father’s life on screen. The past few days have been difficult because Frank Dubosk’s father was suffering from Charcot disease. And the relationship between the actor and his father was not the easiest. Those close to Frank Dubosk could have believed that the emotions of such a case would be unbearable for him. But he managed to stay the course. in its column TV magazine, he explains how he was able to complete this ambitious project. In question, his mother, at the end of her life during the shooting. objekko I will tell you everything.

Frank Dubosk relives painful memories with a very personal film shoot

The comedian and humorist put aside his jokes to interpret a dramatic role but which resembled him. A boy who stays with his father during his last days. The last days are further complicated by Charcot disease. According to Frank Dubosk, the scenario is a reflection of scenes that are sometimes completely identical to those he lived with his father in his last days. Especially playing Scrabble. Indeed, in his interview for TV magazineFranck Dubosc admits that it was one of the most difficult scenes to shoot. “The atmosphere was special because everyone knew it really happened between my father and me.”he announced.

And if everyone knew this detail of Frank Dubosk’s life, it was the heroes of the filming The last part We are friends. “The team is made up of 90% people I usually work with. I was surrounded Friends. », she said. And he added, removed: “Surprisingly, it was almost more difficult for them than for me. » effective, objekko It must not be stressed enough how difficult it was to talk about such personal matters. For Frank Dubosk as much as for his relatives, it must have been an ordeal. But the actor and comedian wants to come together to raise awareness about Charcot disease.

In fact, he added more, still in its column TV magazine : “I always try to be there when people are asked to organize against this disease, but I have a hard time, because I fear I will never be able to get out of this tragedy. With this film, it’s my way of talking about it. » And it’s probably in a great way. Because, if France has not yet had the chance to discover this film, our Belgian friends have recently discovered it at RTBF. However, they were so over the moon to send their heartfelt congratulations to Frank Dubosk that he wanted to send a message on their Instagram account to thank them.

To hold on, it’s a family tragedy that keeps him going

To manage to get to the end of such a personal project without being emotionally burdened, Frank Dubosk used a family drama in spite of himself that played out during filming. It is thus thanks to his mother that the actor was shocked without breaking down when talking about his father. but objekko Don’t doubt that for some, it was much more difficult in reality than Frank Dubosk modestly described. “Unfortunately my mother was at the end of her life during filming. So all my attention, all my concern went to him. It allowed me to detach myself from what I was playing and not be overwhelmed by emotion while playing. »Then he said.

Definitely, the time of shooting this film must have been very painful The last part. And Frank Dubosk can congratulate himself on getting to the end of the project because it deeply affects those who see it. We have no doubt that French visitors will give us as warm a welcome as our Belgian friends. In addition, the actor does not take time to breathe and continue the chain projects. Projects he always gets involved in as if it were his own story.

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