Domaine du Lieu-Dieu in Beauchamps: animals, nature and space

At Beauchamps, in the domain of Lieu-Dieu, unusual residence, we know. At the heart of this 100-hectare estate, an old Cistercian abbey founded in the 12th c.e century, the holidaymaker will actually be able to choose between caravans, yurts, gabions or even drops of Ô hanging over the water… The estate has even built five floating cabins, equipped with a bath Nordic.

“It started in 1986 with the opening of an equestrian center created by my wife, who is a fan of horseback riding.”, said Jerome Maillard, co-manager of the estate. And very quickly, the idea of ​​building a residence took hold.

Away from major cities, the domain had to be equipped with housing capacity for groups of riders. Lodgings with 18, 30 and 34 beds are set in the main courtyard of the Abbey. “It is used for discovery classes and summer campsJérôme Maillard explained. But gatherings of friends and family celebrations have also become very fashionable. It remains in the spirit of our company, which itself is a family business.”

Offer new experiences

Because of the smooth running of centers and gits, Jerome Maillard joined his wife in the company in 2008 with the desire to create unusual residences. “We started with trailers before moving on to floating housing, which suited our area and its many ponds.he recalls. You have to be attractive. Classic Accommodation already has such a great offer We wanted to stand out. And we had to adapt to the climate of our humid, flood-prone and unbuildable region.”

Drops of Ô have arrived to bring an added touch of originality. These small cabins are 6 m2 Only the Abbey is suspended above the channel. You can sleep there in a hammock, under the stars or with your head on a bench. It is accessed by a staircase from a private outdoor space with chairs and table. VSFull almost all year round, they appeal to couples, young and old. “It’s an experience! Jérôme Maillard summarizes. I thought there would be mostly young people. But we finally got a lot of free time, very happy to have this experience.

Ô Drops are in high demand. They are busy almost throughout the year. ©Aletheia Press/ B.Delabre

Relaxation and outdoor recreation

With the expansion of the accommodation offer, the Domaine du Lieu-Dieu has not abandoned the dynamism built around the equestrian center and outdoor recreation. “Our fundamentals are “animals, nature and space” or “nature, space and animals”, as you prefer”, The manager smiled.

The size of the estate makes it possible to preserve a large space between the living areas while opening a window on the surrounding rich nature. Horses in the equestrian center graze quietly around. “It’s very popular right now in a family or professional context, especially in a seminar context. Above all, we offer leisure on foot, horseback and bike.” No-kill anglers welcome.

For five years, the site even hosted a wakepark: a water ski lift base. It was demolished in February 2021 to be able to accommodate five overwater cabins with Nordic baths, which came to complete the accommodation at Robinson Pond.

But the idea of ​​a ski lift didn’t fall through: the equipment could be placed in another lake in the region around the base of Gamache. “Currently, I am looking for a partner to build a real water park, which will accommodate ski lifts but also floating water sports, even a restaurant and a campsite.”

In addition to the water park, Jérôme Maillard wants to complete its range of accommodation, to cover the offer, for ten to twelve people. Canadian homes will soon see the light of day They can be equipped with Nordic baths.

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