podcast. Let’s talk about sex 6/6: In zoos, animals live a free sex life

In zoo animals, sex functions mainly for reproduction. But like humans, they love each other, flirt with each other and please each other. Focus on the sex lives of animals in African safari zoos.

One might think that summer is conducive to animal mating but it is not. Their enthusiasm knows no seasons. Evidence of this is at the African Safari Zoo in Plaisance-du-Touch, near Toulouse, where we’ve booked a naughty tour with vet Sylvie Clavel.

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All genders exist in nature

Over twenty years, Sylvie has cherished the sixty-eight species that live together in the park. “There are as many sexes as different races, he assures before responding to some received ideas. Yes, rabbits live up to their reputation and pandas, on the contrary, are not too focused on the matter.” In this zoo, the drive begins with a safari. You can see elephants, whose duets, very laborious, last only ten seconds. After that, gestation is two years and an elephant’s rearing period is very long, with couples breeding once every six or seven years. In the next enclosure, many birds are scattered around a pond. Birds have no sex except ducks, swans and ostriches. “It is impossible to talk about the sex of the animal, not to mention the big cats, said the veterinarian who observes the domain of lions. In Plaisance, we have a male for several females to avoid fights. They share and have their heat at the same time. During mating, the lion The mate’s neck is clamped between his teeth to calm him down. Attention is required because penetration is very painful for lionesses. The hairs present at the end of the male’s penis are hard as thorns. and torments the females.”

strange behavior

“Look at these kangaroos,” pointed Sylvie through the door. “They’re exhibitionists. In the animal world, all freaks are allowed.” Absolute monogamy such as in monkeys, polygamy in lions, polygamy, all behaviors found in nature, just in captivity. “Our pink flamingos meet in groups. In some parks, they have installed mirrors to create a mass effect and induce breeding.” Conversely, the enthusiasm of certain species must be limited. There are reports of incredible violence against dromedaries. It must be seen that the woman and her child are not in danger “Our zoo must respect a European breeding plan. For example, at the moment we have to control the birth of the hippopotamus. For this, we provide separate enclosures or means of contraception. ” On the other hand, the rhinoceros No need to interfere with. “We have an old couple here who are making platonic love. Like cheetahs, if there is no competition, their desire dies and the women’s menstrual cycle stops.” A response that may suggest that animal sexuality is more than just a means of reproduction. A theory supported by the privilege of masturbation. Like humans, animals also practice solitary pleasures and do not lack imagination. Even if females are available, macaques do not hesitate to pet each other. A way for men to regain control because, in most cases, women are lucky and choose the moment of intercourse. “For example, the female cheetah makes life difficult for her suitors. Right now, we’re presenting her with four. We expect her to have one she likes, but it doesn’t win. If one of them comes too close when she’s undecided, she Can be very aggressive.”

Misplaced curiosity

Porcupines at work at Plaisance-du-Touch Zoo.
African Safari Zoo

What disturbs the audience the most is the sex life of the porcupines “We are regularly asked how they can reproduce without hitting their peak, the veterinarian laughs. The answer is in agreement. The pig – the porcupine will send a powerful jet of urine. On the woman who will judge if she allows herself to be seduced by the mouse and then flattens her lap.

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