Title: A Precarious Calm in the Middle East

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Especially in British kiosks, freedom displays ” Hope for peace in Gaza “, showing one of the children sprawled on the rubble of a building. An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire took effect on Sunday, August 7 between Israel and the Islamic Jihad movement at 11:03 a.m. local time, it also explained. Tguardian. On the third day of Kis newspaper Al Ayyam, located in Ramallah, described “ Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip ” The Palestinian press spoke of the effort Fierce and intense Egypt, and he noticed that the exchange of shots Continued intensively until the last moment before the armistice

Later, in any case, Huge crowds started from various places in the Gaza Strip and marched towards the homes of the martyrs. “, writing Al Ayyam. But the overall situation is fragile. Al-Quds, another Palestinian media, relayed the words of the Secretary General of Islamic Jihad. Ziad al-Nakhla announced on Sunday, August 7: “ The resistance has set its conditions, if there is a slight violation, we will start the war again

A situation that can change

Uncertain situation, we also understand the opposite in the Israeli press. start with The Jerusalem Post, Reporting that” Rockets were fired into southern Israel, minutes after the use of force ceasefire The newspaper also published a warning from Israeli authorities: If the ceasefire is violated, the State of Israel reserves the right to respond with force. »

The situation is back to normal this morning It gradually returns to normal Areas near Gaza, also explained The Times of Israel, But we understand that the coming times will be very important, because one of the points of discussion is the release of Islamic Jihad members detained by Israel. and website The Times of Israel Precisely one that demonstrates “Release request was denied”. Hebrew kingdom There are no plans to release the prisoners “, we can read.

Risk of nuclear slippage in Ukraine

It is in one Suddeutsche Zeitung After the attack on the site of the Zaporizhia reactor, Europe’s largest power plant, in Germany, ” hit twice “, the International Atomic Energy Agency is looking into”. The very real risk of a nuclear disaster “Governments in Moscow and Kiev Accusing each other “, related Suddeutsche Zeitung Which explains how this situation is.” very dangerous “Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Get an idea of ​​the situation “, but this “ So far it has been impossible ” By the way, Rafael Grossi ” There were early warnings about nuclear dangers “, we read. German newspaper provides his portrait and presents it as “ A nuclear diplomat “no” Not afraid to take risks

Colombia’s new president takes office

Also observed by the press: the new Colombian president took office on Sunday, August 7. The Spanish press especially returned to it. one, El pies Assume that ” The left opens an unprecedented path with Gustavo Petro up front ” ” After two centuries of life as an independent stateNewspapers underline, The left eventually seized power in a country with a president like Colombia And he is with it A former guerrilla “With Francia Marquez as Vice-President,” An Afro woman born into poverty in a historically marginalized area “This is a massive program of monitoring, as the new president promised in his inaugural address El pies.

El Periodico de España Gustavo highlights Petro’s first measurements. The new president Simón ordered Bolivar’s sword to be brought to Bogotá’s Plaza de Bolivar ” This sword, of the famous Latin American independence leader, ” A historical piece that has great symbolic value for the president Spanish Daily Explained. Because it is one The M-19 was stolen by the guerrillas as the first act of rebellion », guerrillas with whom Petro himself accompanied. The sword was returned when the group reached a peace agreement with the government. And Gustavo Petro’s predecessor, Ivan Duque, refused to transfer it there. A first symbolic measure is therefore.

Two defunct Indian satellites

A failure in space, it read in the Indian press. Or two misfires for the price of one, one might almost say…” The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) made the maiden flight of its Small Satellite Launch Vehicle on Sunday, August 7. “, related Hindu. SSLV-D1, India’s latest launch vehicle, carries two satellites including a student-built satellite. But the problem is, he didn’t succeed Place in correct orbit ” He placed them in an elliptical-shaped orbit instead of a circular-shaped one. The result: the satellites simply ” unusable “, also explained the newspaper pioneer. But the Indian Space Research Organization said they will return after analyzing the data and correcting the errors.

Hindu Remember that for his part This is not the first time that ISRO has faced setbacks in its maiden launch mission The PSLV, considered one of the space agency’s workhorses, failed during its maiden flight on September 20, 1993. But after the first successful launch in October 1994, PSLV established itself as a reliable and versatile launch vehicle from India. With 39 successful consecutive missions as of June 2017 “Yes, Rome was not built in a day.

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