What Châteaudun’s new cultural season has in store for you

The city’s 2022-2023 cultural season will be “rich, diverse and attractive and accessible to all”, with around fifty shows from 16 September at the Espace Malraux, in the municipal theatre, in the church and in the castle.

Theater, dance, comedy…discover the new cultural season’s events at DREX

Gerald Machurez, Municipal Councilor in charge of Museums and Culture, and Christine Fernandez, Director of the Center of Attractions and Culture of the City of Chateaudun, “have created a season full of color, humor and diversity that will draw energy and joy to all audiences. Musicians, singers, actors and various artists. In this pool”.

The price has dropped

“This new cultural season, rich in surprises and escapes, always responds to a method of quality and variety. It reflects our city: innovative, virtuous, welcoming, dynamic. Culture forms the soul of our democracy”, underlines Mayor (HE) Fabien Verdier who wants “a culture for all, intergenerational, vibrant and diverse”.

Vernouillet’s Atelier à spectacle wants you on stage: choose from five projects

Prices revised downwards “so that everyone can go to the show”: free show, show €5, theater price at Espace Malraux.

“Work on our beautiful Italian theater has been scheduled since January. Shows scheduled in the theater will be performed at the Espace Malraux, but theater prices will remain. »

Many titles are assigned: legendary musicians Grupo Compay Segundo Traditional Cuban music will wear its colors loud and clear (November 19), Mado La NicoiseActress Comedian in Pink with Southern Accent, Colorful and Funny, All the Questions You Don’t Answer (September 30) and Comedian in Red Anne Romanoff Will watch his show again Everything is fine! (February 3).

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premium Behind the scenes of ChartrEstivales

Former international rugby player Vincent Moscatowho has been a radio host at RMC, will be playing his last one-man show (March 29) and Jean-Claude BorelliPrestigious trumpeter with 22 gold records, to perform at Madeleine Church (November 6).
An ardent protector of ecology, Patrick Scheider The theater will be welcomed with its show on Leonardo da Vinci. This actor will be with him Jean-Claude Druitt (September 17).

Chartrestivales program of the week between blues, rock and organ concerts

tube maker Didier Barbelivien (February 25), LamIts unforgettable interpreter younger sister And Sing for them away from home (April 8), Julie PietriKnown thanks to his tube get up eve In 1986 (October 15), FaudelEx “The Little Prince of Rye” (February 11), and FarbansA rock’n’roll group formed in the 80s (Dec 17) with “very beautiful voices and charismatic artists” who will light up the Andre Malraux venue.

Boulevard theater lovers will be delighted A string is attached, oscar, The Taunton Pranksters, A great cry of love, Scammer, A monster ass, See you in Capri And If we sang.

A dozen shows for young audiences

the legend little prince A The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde beyond A little match seller, a dozen shows, including many free shows, will delight young audiences. “For the little ones, who we’re also loving this season, they’ll have a dreamy atmosphere Catcher and Fragile, Matuta, Bubbles or the voice of the sea, Journey of Feathers…

Program request

Ticket office open for customers. Saturday, September 3 in the cultural affairs department of the town hall. For example.
Inauguration of cultural event. Concert of the Stephanois Trio BUL on Friday 16 September, 7pm, at the Espace Malraux.
Leonardo da Vinci and Nature. At the theater on Saturday September 17, at 7pm, a reading of The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci by Jean-Claude Druitt with piano by Patrick Scheider.
Certified mado. Mado La Nicoise’s new show, Friday 30 September, 8.30pm, Espace Malraux.
Chest Benjamin. The young man will sing Burville and his own songs on Wednesday, October 5, at 3pm in the theatre.
Nathalie and Nicholas Maskharachvili. Piano concert Sunday 9 October, 5pm, in Saint-Valerian Church.
Straw Cathedral. Theater Friday 14 October, 8.30pm, at the theatre.
Julie Pietri. Concert on Saturday 15 October, 8.30pm, at Espace Malraux.
Duo Raskovnik. Traditional music from the Balkans Thursday 20 October, 8.30pm, at Espace Malraux.
Karimouche. The wonderful singer will mix music and rap again and again at Espace Malraux on Friday, October 21, at 8:30 p.m.
Strat, Fly Hunter. Show at the Chateau on Saturday 22 October, 4pm
carpet. Expression Workshop Sunday 23 October, 3.30pm, at the Chateau.
Jas Walker Band. English Pop-Rock Concert Saturday 29 October, 8.30pm, at the Theatre.
oscar. Theater Saturday 5 November, 8.30pm, Espace Malraux.
Jean-Claude Borelli. Sunday November 6, 4pm, trumpet concert at Madeleine church.
Grupo Compay Segundo. The concert is on Saturday 19 November, at 8.30pm, at the Espace Malraux.
A summer night in 1942. Theater Thursday 24 November, 8.30pm, in the theatre.
Concert of Sainte-Cécile. Sunday 4 December, 8.30pm, Espace Malraux.
Miss Moliere. Theater December 6, 8.30pm, at Espace Malraux.
The Journey of the Feathers. Show in theaters on Wednesday, December 7, at 3 p.m.
The Taunton Pranksters. Theater Friday 9 December, at 8.30 pm, at Espace Malraux.
Marabout Orchestra. The concert is Thursday 15 December, at 8.30pm, at the Espace Malraux.
Farbans. The concert is on Saturday 17 December, at 8.30pm, at the Espace Malraux.
A little match seller. Show at Espace Malraux on Wednesday 21 December, 3pm
Tayazabeu Reggae concert Friday 27th January, 8.30pm, at Espace Malraux.
Everything is almost right! Anne Romanoff’s new show at Espace Malraux on Friday 3rd February, 8.30pm.
Faudel. The concert is on Saturday 11 February, at 8.30pm, at the Espace Malraux.
Didier Barbelivien. Concert on Saturday 25 February, 8.30pm, at the Espace Malraux.
A string is attached. Theater Friday March 10, 8.30pm, Espace Malraux.
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Sunday March 12, 3pm, at Espace Malraux.
To finish with Eddie Belegule. Theater Friday March 17, 8.30pm, at Espace Malraux.
Moscato is totally jojo. Vincent Moscato’s new show is Wednesday March 29, 8.30pm, at Espace Malraux.
Lam and DJ Colonel Rayel. Concert at Espace Malraux on Saturday 8 April, 8.30pm.
Harp concert. Sunday April 9, 3pm, at Espace Malraux.
Little Yuvraj in big size. Show at Espace Malraux, Friday 14 April, 8.30 pm
Scammer. Saturday 22 April Theatre, 8.30pm, Espace Malraux.
Bubbles or the voice of the sea. Show at Espace Malraux, Wednesday 26 April at 4pm
A Norman of Paris. Theater Friday 28 April, 8.30pm, at Espace Malraux.
See you in Capri. Theater Saturday 6 May, 8.30pm, at Espace Malraux.
If we sang. The musical is on Friday 12 May, 8.30pm, at Espace Malraux.
A monster ass. Theater Friday 19 May, 8.30pm, at Espace Malraux.
canisters and fragile. Show at Espace Malraux on Sunday 28 May, 8.30pm
A great cry of love. Theater Friday June 2, 8.30pm, at Espace Malraux.

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