7 Design Ideas to Save Space and Beautify Your Outdoor Space!

Thanks to clever storage ideas, organizing your outdoor space isn’t as difficult as it seems. Large items like tools, lanterns, pots and planters, as well as bicycles and barbecues can quickly make your beautiful garden look like a cluttered mess. But there are plenty of elegant solutions to restore order. From a practical garden cabinet or stylish wall shelves that don’t take up floor space to clever furniture with hidden storage compartments, there are plenty of designs that are both functional and chic.

Garden Cabinet: Store a drinking station on the wall

Drinking station outer wall

Take a stroll through social media to see countless amazing examples of practical and chic palette ideas. When used correctly, the palette can be transformed into a small open cabinet to display all its cocktail properties. This is a great example of backyard bar ideas. Below, the bottle can be kept in place, ready for cocktail preparation. If you leave them on site, we recommend you fix them using a horizontal rail halfway up the bottles So when you open the prep shelves, they won’t crash.

A second rail on top can be used for glasses. This model features an easy-to-clean countertop for preparation and presentation. You can use another piece of wood, or tile. Just make sure it’s light enough to be securely supported while the unit is drilled into the wall.

Elegant garden shelves

Garden cabinet shelves

You don’t need to hide everything in your garden. Large lawnmowers or garden hoses are best stored out of sight, but smaller items such as trowels, string and watering cans can be used to create visual interest in a sheltered corner.
Shelves or ladder shelves or Ikea’s version (pictured above), can be both beautiful and practical for garden storage.

Storage boxes and baskets

Out of storage space

Crates, baskets and even old pallets are perfect for storing small, everyday garden items. They are durable and would be a great feature in an eco garden. Stack these wooden crates and no one needs to know they’re actually full of deflated soccer balls, muddy boots and neglected garden tools.

Galvanized model for a chic industrial design

Industrial style galvanized chest

Well-thought-out shelving can be a feature in itself if you choose the right designs. Take this stunning galvanized design for example, perfect if you want a hint of industrial chic in your space. It’s a modular design, which means you can easily customize it to fit your needs and space Perforated cardboard back panels are particularly suitable for hanging equipment. Galvanized shelves and panels can withstand all weather conditions and will become the most natural place to keep your plants and store your garden tools. A material of this type would be ideal for a garden shed, but it would also work very well outside as part of your balcony or patio ideas.

Garden cabinet for small items

Small item garden cabinet

Avoid going to the garden shed by investing in extra storage closer to home. These sturdy, weather-resistant cabinets are great for storing garden essentials such as tools and pots or outdoor cushions. Also, open cabinets and shelves are a great way to store food and kitchen utensils if you’re considering outdoor kitchen ideas or creating a barbecue area.

Choose versatile furniture

Versatile furniture outdoor space

Everyone loves a big, comfortable sofa for lounging outside. And if you have a large family or want to entertain guests, generous corners are a winning choice. However, it’s no secret that these outdoor seating ideas take up quite a bit of space, which can leave you with less room for storage. There’s a simple solution: choose a style that combines the two. Take this wicker number for example: all the seats slide up to create ample storage space for cushions, blankets and other garden items. Storage and multi-functionality are two key elements that every outdoor garden should have.

Storage box with retractable door

Retractable door storage box

Keep pillows and duvets on hand every night instead of stashing them in the shed or garage. These storage benches have casters and a grab handle, so they can be moved around easily and also make a great extra seat or coffee table. These types of versatile items make use of all available space for storage, which helps keep things simple.

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