But where will the horsemen spend their holidays?

Now that the NBA season is over, it’s vacation time! Great league players still have a few weeks off free time Take it easy in the sun in front of them, have a shovel of cocktails… or not. Hey, it’s true that everyone has their own definition of the word “vacation,” so Trashtalk’s editorial staff has researched for you what members of the Cavaliers decided to elope with. Spoiler: They didn’t win the title this year, but this team has some great champions.

NB: These destinations are often fictional and have the sole purpose of making you laugh, even if they are sometimes based on actual vacations of said players.

Darius Garland

We wanted to start with our friend Darius Garland because it seems like he doesn’t really understand the concept of “vacation”. So here, at Darius, if you read this article, remember that the principle of “vacation” is rest! So you drop that ball on us, you go take a shower and you stop crashing all over the US summer league. Is it hard to tan at the beach? And then if you really can’t stop playing, you just have to play volleyball with three friends in a swimming pool. But please, leave the basketball for two seconds, because even we’re sick of it.

Kevin Love

Well good! We just came across Garland’s opposite. As it is well known, the holidays are sacred to Kevin Love. And if we’re used to finding the boy everywhere but never in the same place every summer, this time in East Africa the mighty winger has left his suitcases… or rather carried them everywhere. Yes, this year, it’s a photo safari with his wife Kate Bock. per Through Tanzania or Rwanda, KK shares with us some beautiful shots, such as an old retired man. You should still be asking yourself the right questions people.

Jarrett Allen

The Jarrett Allen case is a mystery that is very difficult to solve. Discerning about his profession once the summer comes, the pivot can be anywhere, but we still have our little idea. To get in shape for the next season, the boy went to French Polynesia and more precisely to the Tuamotu Islands, where he multiplied his hair care. It’s so simple, the coconut oil flows freely into the area, just what Jarrett needs to strengthen the hair fiber. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice, here is our email address: hairball@pascertaindeceblazetoutpourri.fr

Carys Levert

per As the season ends, Caris LeVert goes to put on his helmet, his construction shoes and his fluorescent vest to start his new job. In fact, the latter was recently hired by a construction company to be a forklift driver. Nice coincidence, isn’t it? Well installed in his forklift, his co-workers have already nicknamed him “LeBleu” for his lack of experience – and his last name is No Na – so he’ll spend his summer moving pallets. Must find something to support the family, right?

Isaac Okoro

Interesting activities that Isaac Okoro is currently engaged in. Still unable to get off the giant poster he threw in the faces of Alperen Sengun, Kenyon Martin Jr. and Ousmane Garuba a few months ago, he decided to follow them wherever they went this summer. Isaac in Turkey with Alperen, Isaac in Argentina with Kenyon, Isaac in Spain with Osman… what the hell. We wish the best of luck to the young rockets, whose vacation will surely be ruined by the presence of this man who is a little too clingy.

Evan (and Isaiah) Mobley

Caribbean direction for Evan Mobley, who decides to move with his family. The reason for this? The No. 3 pick in the draft 2021 has had a lot of trouble cutting the cord, who lives very, very (very) close to his mammoth. But shh… it’s a secret. We immediately understand better why Cleveland also decided to select his brother Isaiah this year, because small The giant Bauhaus is integral. Don’t we think his nuggets are good?

Ricky Rubio

After a delicate season due to his major knee injury, Ricky Rubio decided to take advantage of his summer in Spain with his loved ones. Yes… we know the animal, and we won’t be surprised to know that he will show it to us during the next EuroBasket in action with his national team, which he will not participate in anyway. If he thinks we are unable to see his little game, it is failure. Ricky is not ours, not ours.

Lori Markkanen

Back to Finland for Lauri Markkanen, who, due to the international calendar, hasn’t had the chance to enjoy a real vacation with his son, apart from a few hikes in his homeland. per To be honest, even Finnish national team coach Laci Tuovi came to pick up the player at his home. And if Laurie tried to hide to avoid the whole EuroBasket game with Aidan Maxhooney and Daniel Dolenk, his 2m13 finally betrayed him, who really thought he couldn’t be found behind the toilet door. Admittedly, when it comes to stealth, our friend isn’t the most oxygenated trout in the river.

Sedi Osman

What is certain is that this summer of 2022 is unlikely to forget Cedi Osman. In early July, when Darius Garland started his fifth match of the day, Cedi married Turkish actress Ibru Sahin. . Kudos to the man, who was also spotted in the Seychelles with his (now) wife, presumably for their honeymoon. Finally, the boy still experienced a great return to reality as he is now back in Turkey to prepare for the Euros with Alperen Sengun and… Isaac Okoro, who should really consult a professional.

Ochai Agbaji

No holiday for rookies, what did you think? Young people have to work.

So which program excites you the most? Here, we advise you to avoid Okoro who clearly has a rib in his helmet, Garland who will kill you, Mobley who will annoy you, Prem who is 107 years old, Rubio because he is a Spaniard… Finally, decide accordingly to your hair. . Those who have it join Allen, others follow Osman, who knows guys who can do 40-ball miracles in Turkey.

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